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Immigration Reform: Not a Single Issue

July 2, 2013

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Immigration: Not a Single Issue

Apologists for illegal immigration have actually had the nerve to claim that comprehensive Immigration reform is a single issue policy. Wish it were. But it’s not. Besides borders security, interior enforcement, fencing, Amnesty, E-verify, entry-exit systems, guest worker and visas, asylum, anchor baby and chain migration, unlawful aliens causes an enormous drain on public funds, increases the rate of unemployment and lowers the standard of living of Americans.

Immigration reform touches so many varied principles of conservatism that its almost mind-boggling to admire it as a single issue. It impacts labor issues, fiscal matters, electoral integrity, law enforcement, education, border security, health services, privacy matters, rule of law, and its impact is arguably greatest where the issue of national security is concerned.

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Rubio: Morally Vacant

June 27, 2013


Rubio: Morally Vacant

“This election is about trust. Who do you trust to go to Washington and stand up to Barack Obama.” - Candidate Marco Rubio 2010

“Senator Marco Rubio steps up as chief spokesman for immigration bill.” –  USA Today April 2013

In March 2010, GOP Senate candidate Marco Rubio accused Charlie Crist of “campaigning with Barack Obama on behalf of the stimulus program, while 211,000 Floridians have lost their jobs.”

Such irony.

In March 2013, Senator Marco Rubio began campaigning on behalf of Barack Obama’s Amnesty and immigration reform, while 87 million adults were out of the US labor force.

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Immigration Solution

June 18, 2013


Immigration Solution

Attempts to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bills failed three times in 2006 and 2007 due to massive public opposition. While the legislation makes big promises of more border security and immigration enforcement in the future, why would anyone believe such promises, when our current immigration laws go grotesquely unenforced? Oh, and its 25 million illegal aliens, not eleven.

The loopholes that facilitate illegal immigration must be closed. Incentives for illegal immigration must be eliminated. The penalties for violating immigration law must be increased. In order to have any significant effect on illegal immigration the demand must be drastically reduced. Much like drugs, until you reduce the demand, you’ll never reduce the supply.

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Immigration Letter: No Amnesty

June 17, 2013


Time to email/call/fax all US Senators and House members. Here’s a sample letter.

Dear Honorable Member,

Sir/Madam, I am extremely upset with this latest amnesty immigration bill S.744 that the U.S. Senate is currently debating and that the House of Representatives will be considering.

Words cannot express my anger at the utter foolishness of this bill. Rewarding criminal behavior encourages more criminal behavior. People cannot begin their careers in America by breaking the law. Further, it hurts minimum wage American workers by causing them to compete with millions of foreign workers. But, I am dismayed at those in Congress who lack the understanding of this critical issue to our nation. It is costly. In both its price tag and to our nations security.

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False Framing: Immigration Reform

June 5, 2013


False Framing: Immigration Bill

In modern parlance, its called ‘issue framing’, also known as ‘spinning a story’. Issue framing is always at the heart of the Obama agenda. And as linguist Geoff Nunberg wrote: “To frame an issue is to reduce it to a story for which there is only one possible outcome.” Where Democrats talk of economic fairness, Republicans reframe it as economic freedom. The terms ‘undocumented immigrant’ vs ‘illegal alien’ is another example. The importance of framing an issue, and framing it early, cannot be overstated.

LISTED BELOW are several of the ‘immigration reform’ arguments that have been used by pro-amnesty advocates, corporate interests, lobbyists, liars, con-men, carnival barkers, members of Congress and low-information voters, including cafeteria Republicans such as Rubio and Ryan, to try and justify illegal immigration or ‘Amnesty’. Purveyors of liberal bias falsely present themselves as being objective. And too often Republicans play along. Next to each argument is the brief reason why that argument has no merit.

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50 Bullets: The Rubio-Schumer Scam

May 5, 2013


Bullets: The Rubio-Schumer Scam

The bill makes America less safe, not more.

The Gang of Eight Immigration bill is constructed to deceive the public. Not only is the bill a national security risk it simply smells Obamacare Part Deux. Seemingly good slogans are thrown around from the same people who brought you the Obamacare nightmare; but this time add-in four cafeteria Republicans. One being Marco Rubio.

As PJ Media points out, the bill is a cocktail of lawlessness, executive discretion, and legalistic trickery crafted by the organized, open-borders left. The bill and Rubio provides tough talking points – border security, background checks, and more. But hidden next to those talking points are off-switches that bureaucrats can flip to satisfy the leftist open-borders constituencies who wrote the bill.

The language of the bill doesn’t come close to what Rubio says. Practically every Rubio claim is empty. The comprehensive effects from chain migration alone will bury the Republic. The bill establishes a New Americans Task Force charged with ensuring that federal programs “adequately address” the healthcare, education, and job training needs of new immigrants (Sec. 2524).

Besides halting deportations for 2.5 years during the amnesty process, the bill ties the hands of front-line immigration officers and border agents, as if they were the lawless characters, and places the border officers under the thumb of the Justice Department; Office of Civil Rights (Sec. 1111, 1112, 1113).

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The Rubio Deception

May 5, 2013


The Rubio Deception: Truth v Lies

The Immigration bill is constructed to deceive the public. And, does a good job of creating the false illusion of greater security. But Rubio’s claim of enforcement ‘triggers’ is a dishonest argument. His amnesty scheme is chock full of deception with many behind the scene maneuvers all designed to obfuscate truth. The bill makes America less safe, not more.

Rubio’s scheme allows illegal aliens to be legalized immediately. All at a huge cost to the US taxpayer [Note] and sovereignty of our nation. Like Obamacare, the legislation was crafted behind closed doors with pro-amnesty lobbyists, unions, immigration lawyers, and Progressive groups like La Raza and AFL-CIO representing illegal aliens. Groups that stand to make millions from this legislation.

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