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On Rubio & Crist

September 17, 2009


I don’t particularly care for Obama-praising, stimulus-supporting, fake-baked RINOs. That would be Charlie Crist. Suntan Charlie is a tool. Crist is an Arlene Specter wanna bee. Crist looks like a lounge lizard to me. This clown is the prototypical, elitist Rockefeller Republican scum. Crist is not, repeat, is not a solid conservative and Florida conservatives should give him a political kiss of death. Likewise, for the Huckster on a national level.

We have the same problem in Illinois with Mark Kirk, probably the most left wing Republican in the House of Reps and is getting support from many conservative Congressman like John Shimkus and Peter Roskam.

They may vote conservative and talk conservatism fairly good but they fall into this trap of backing the RINO’s in primaries because the media and the establishment say their the only ones that can win. Crist backs Obama’s stimulus plan and his Cap and Trade. He can flip flop all he wants.

When Crist chose LeMieux, his chances went down. He had three former Congressmen fill out his long application form when he had no interest in any of them. Then he contacted all the County Chairs and they rated LeMieux last. He has disgusted a whole group of activist in FL.

Some are now speculating that he may have changed his mind about running for Senate and appointing LeMieux was his way out. Who knows except he made a whole lot of people really mad. There is another conservative that may be entering the race shortly from the central part of Florida.

Marco Rubio is a “real” conservative out of Florida, and he’s running against Crist. Unless the information out there can be proven incorrect, Rubio is very conservative – but yet, the Republican establishment is gearing up to support Charlie Crist who rushed with adoration and open arms to support Barack Obama’s stimulus bill. Jon Cornyn says the NRSC will throw their full support behind Crist.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is backing Crist. But, Crist’s popularity as governor doesn’t always extend to members of his own Republican Party in the state, and that might make him vulnerable as he runs for U.S. Senate.

Because of endorsement from the NRSC, I will send no money to NRSC — zero, zip nada. Please donate directly to the candidates like Rubio, that you want to support. This is absolutely disgusting for them to endorse Crist. I don’t understand why the RNSC doesn’t promote younger conservatives such as Rubio. But then again, you’re talking about a party that supports Mark Kirk. FL grassroots needs to get out and work for Rubio and send Crist packing.

Rubio is a protégé of Jeb Bush and Bush’s son is already publicly supporting him. The FL GOP has had a strong factional split for over 40 years, and the Bush side is going towards Rubio. He’s also a Cuban. That’s worth more votes in South Florida than you realize and considering that Martinez is retiring that should be an angle he should play. Plus, Crist is not as strong in the more culturally Southern areas as he needs to be so those counties and districts aren’t automatically off limits to Rubio. The Panhandle, Jacksonville and places like that definitely would support him and he would carry Dade in a general election.

But, I thought the GOP wanted to reach out to Hispanics? Why are they throwing a young, attractive, articulate Hispanic under the bus? Rubio has the potential to be a rising star in the GOP, like Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. I’d like to see Sarah go in and campaign for Rubio in the Primary. Crist was as much responsible as anyone for giving us McCain in the last election. That is the only good thing I can say about Crist, since he helped McCain get elected and thus the nation was introduced to Sarah. Rubio though could bring about a conservative latino surge. Everyone needs to join Rubio’s facebook group.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), Jeb Bush and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) well-respected figures in social-conservative circles have backed Rubio’s bid. This is a clear indication that the writing is on the wall for the Rockefeller’s. Crist will NEVER get the support of the grassroots and moderate/liberal voters may just pick the Dem candidate. I will go out on a limb here and say that Crist will lose the primary

Interesting development here. There was a recent announcement that Charlie Crist is going to be speaking at the Mackinac Republican Conference here in Michigan (so is Romney, Eric Cantor, and Tim Pawlenty). Why would a Florida senate candidate be speaking here? Is it because he wants to be President? I’d love to see Rubio stop that train before it gets started.

Rubio is starting to make an impact. It’s a good sign.

MARCO RUBIO on the issues. Learn more here.

Rubio Quotes:

“Republicans should elect members of Congress who will stand up uncompromisingly to the “radical” economic policies of the administration of President Barack Obama.”

“Republicans in Washington are guilty. By 2001 Republicans were in control, but no tax reform, no fair tax. I say to them, you ran as Ronald Reagan and you governed as Lyndon Johnson.”

“I think there has never been a bigger disconnect between the rank-and-file Republicans and the party leaders at the state and national level.”


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  1. Bobby permalink
    February 23, 2010 1:16 pm

    “Unless the information out there can be proven incorrect, Rubio is very conservative”

    So what do you know of this canidate?

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