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Beck: McCain worse than Obama?

September 21, 2009

On Beck’s claim that McCain would be no worse than Obama and would have voted for Hillary.


Click here to see the Katie Couric – Glenn Beck interview.

I don’t know that what Glenn is saying here. We’ll never know but it doesn’t take a political genius to see that Obama is ten times worse than either them. In spades.

But lets assume that what Beck said is being taken out of context…and what he said (or meant to say) was had McCain been elected it would have not awaken America out of it’s course of complacency like the election of Obama. The GOP would not have been better off.

Ann Coulter pretty much said she’d do as much back during the primaries.

I guess Beck is thinking that there’s a great groundswell of conservatism rising in reaction to Obama that wouldn’t have begun if McCain had been elected. The answers aren’t as simple as just assuming that McCain would have taken a liberal line. And, McCain doesn’t hate America.

Considering McCain shares a lot of things with Obama, like closing GITMO, illegal alien amnesty, Globalist Warming, Cap ‘n Trade, taking money from George Soros and ACORN….its possible, the US probably would not be better off with McCain in the end.

Remember McCain is every bit the environmental whacko Obama is… one difference would likely be in Afghanistan. I am no fan of McCain, but once he was in charge and had all that power he so badly wanted, I bet he’d be a lot less compromising. And Sarah would have been in his ear. In any event, he’d be bad, but not worse than Obama. McCain isn’t a communist.

If McCain had won, we’d still have an Obama in our future. And, Hillary is the devil you know. It is probable, that many would have chosen Hillary over McCain. At least with Hillary, you can see the knife coming at you. With McCain, you would never see it coming as it was put in your back.

McCain was pushed down our throats by northeast primaries, a crappy field, no message, and the GOP being completely out of touch. McCain won out because of Sarah. I only was able to find comfort in voting for McCain because of Palin. Period.

But, If Hilary was the Democrat candidate, McCain probably would not have chosen Sarah Palin as VP. About the only possible good outcome from the ’08 election had McCain won would’ve been if McCain was sworn in and then stepped aside for health reasons allowing Sarah Palin to step in. Palin would not have been able to get through McCain’s thick skull on some of his ‘progressive’ policy ideas.

A McCain presidency might have caused a strong conservative third party to become a disastrous reality. And, Hillary Clinton is not done.

About Beck: Was Beck basically saying Hillary would not be worse than either Obama or McCain? Beck siad: “John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama.”

Beck is amusing and extremely useful, to a point. But he is an unreliable standard carrier for the conservative movement. His political convictions are not formed, which is highly unusual for a pundit of his stature, and perhaps part of his charm. Beck can do a good job serving up Obama, and he’s amusing in doing so.

Consider this:

Does Beck really think McCain would have been WORSE than Obama? He makes Obama out to be the Anti Christ, so that’s hard to believe.

McCain would have never sold out our Eastern European allies, probed the CIA or appointed 45 socialist czars among other differences. McCain would have been bad, Clinton worse and Obama …well terrible.

McCain is no prize but he wouldn’t have the tens of dozens of Marxists Czar’s running the country. McCain would not have spent as much money as Obama and would not be trying to shove this medical reform down our throats.

As bad as McCain is, he is a fiscal and military hawk; an avid Israel supporter; and an American patriot. If Beck had taken a close look at Hillary he would know that she is as progressive as Obama… though I don’t know if she has the communist friends he has.

But I do think Beck is sincere in cleaning up corruption and he is on target with Obama’s socialist ways. And consider this: Beck has armed guards taking his kids to school and living outside of his house because of the around the clock death threats he receives.

He questions with boldness. Beck always, always, always says he is neither a Republican nor a Democrat… he probably leans more Ron Paul than anything… but he hated McCain during the campaign and never had anything nice to say about him. Rush, Hannity, Levin, and Savage were all disgusted with McCain. McCain still won the primaries.

For me, McCain’s basically the enemy within. And, Romney is just McCain with better hair. We all knew 0bama was poison and Hillary had her own agenda, but McCain is a Judas Goat.

Beck will probably get a toungue lashing from Ailes, O’Reilly, and Murdoch over that “McCain would be worse” comment. Just pontificating…

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