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Palin’s New PAC: Stand Up for Our Nation

October 16, 2009

On Sarah’s new organization, “Stand Up For Our Nation,” that she is expected to create…

Q: Why would Sarah Palin start another organization when she already has SarahPAC?

A: That’s because all PACs are not created equal. There are several different types.

SarahPAC, like Mitt Romney’s Free & Strong America PAC and Mike Huckabee’s Huck PAC, is what is known as a leadership PAC. This type of political action committee allows a political figure to support other candidates. The funds it raises cannot be spent to directly support the owner of the PAC’s own campaign, but does allow the politician to use PAC funds for travel and to make donations to other campaigns.

There are also ideological PACs, which are political action committees devoted to political issues. We would hazard a guess that this is the type of organization that Stand Up For Our Nation — if that is indeed to be its name — will be. Examples of this type of PAC are moveon,org, The Club For Growth and the National Rifle Association.

Issue PACs operate under a different set of rules than do leadership PACs. So from Sarah Palin’s point of view, this new PAC will work to her advantage because it expands her political options.

Q: Why did she do this?

A: Money. Money. Money. Money is the key. That is why anyone really interested in running in 2012, or wants to support candidates who run in 2010 and 2012, has got to be lining up a lot of financing. You know for a fact 0bama will raise at least $1 BILLION for 2012.

It appears that she’s now getting some sharp political advice and making all the right moves on this front. Fred Malek, is the only true leftover from McCains staff beyond foreign policy advisor, Randy Scheunemann. As one of Nixon’s former enforcers and subsequent career as a big time financier, he’s always been in a position in which he can either make or break candidates on their way up the GOP totem pole. It’s much better to be his friend than his enemy, and Sarah will absolutely need his support in the future.

Fred Malek has worked for 4 Republican presidents, including several positions in the Reagan WH. He’s one of the GOP’s biggest rainmakers.

Just for background…

Fred Malek, Sarah Palin and the Case for Loyalty.

I’m not saying that the man is spotless, but having worked in DC and knowing what I know about internal GOP power-brokering, Sarah is better off with his help as a political patron than without. The simple fact is that she just can’t do it all alone with the backstabbing RINO scoundrels out to bury her, and Malek has the power and authority to ultimately force them to back off once push really does come to shove.

Note: I applaud the move but strongly suggest reconsidering the name. Nothing wrong with the name itself, but the acronym is ripe for the sort of purely partisan derision that continues to be heaped upon Sarah Palin.


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