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Peggy Noonan – The RINO Journalist

October 17, 2009

    October 17, 2009

    Peggy Noonan: The RINO Journalist

    When journalists claim that they don’t have any biases, obviously they’re not being absolutist about it. We all have some. What they’re saying is that they feel comfortable with the biases that they have. They’re also presuming that their biases reflect reality, that the things they don’t bother deliberating are obvious to everyone else. They deny that their biases are created by political ideology or moral positions.

    Yet, there is an inherent logical flaw in asking anyone if they are biased. The fact that this flaw is not obvious to journalists is either evidence of their bias or evidence of their ignorance, take your pick. The elephant in the newsroom is a journalists narrowness. Too often, they wear liberalism on their sleeve and are intolerant of other opinions. That’s because most members of the establishment media live in Washington and New York. And real America is not in DC or New York.

    Peggy Noonan has increasingly become more and more irrelevant in conservative circles. For the last several years, she’s carped in nebulous tones about trivial subjects… psycho-babble. Noonan is just one more example of how Beltway GOP pundits are out of touch with mainstreet America. Maybe Peggy Noonan is just tired of working at being a so-called conservative. Perhaps she’s just a Reagan Democrat who’s heading back home. After Peggy declared that “Palin’s Failin’”, the notion was taken up far-and-wide that she wandered from the conservative fold. “Peggy, we hardly knew ya” has become a refrain among on-line conservatives.

    But, I have long ago “got past” having any respect for Ms. Noonan’s writings. She’s not insightful or helpful. In fact, she makes Katie Couric sounds practical. And, when I see her on television, she always seems to talk as if she’s balancing a plate on her head. Noonan is smug, arrogant, self righteous, and condescending. Obviously, Peggy and I don’t travel in the same circles.

    To start, Peggy is a NY Republican (an oxymoron) with Beltway Insider roots. She does have fabulous writing talent… The fact is, she was a helluva speechwriter for Reagan and had some great columns over the years, especially right after 9-11 but Peggy Noonan is all about “intangibles”; speech-giving as “leadership”, vague notions about “character”; and she has never cared too much about conservative policies, though she writes as if she does. She swoons over a well-turned phrase and ignores the thoughts behind them. She judges people by their accent not the ideas they offer. She prefers style and temperament over substance and experience.

    Clearly, you cannot help but love the line she wrote for Reagan:

    “We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and slipped the surly bonds of Earth to touch the face of God.”

    She has a way with words, but nobody ever said she was some great conservative to begin with. Peggy is in love with ‘beautiful sounding words’ rather than any ‘political ideology or person,’ for the most part. The timeless principles of conservatism are right and remain right regardless of what the mainstream media pundits such as David Brooks, Kathleen Parker or Peggy Noonan might tell you. Conservatism is way of thinking that precedes the Republican party. Values are held accordingly even if you are a Democrat or Independent.

    Peggy Noonan’s day in the spotlight has passed, as her generation of American politics has faded. But, it is Noonan’s completely unsupported sneer at Palin’s mental capacities that is most revealing. This is the McCain/Rockefeller Liberal wing of the Republican party; the ‘elite’ intellectual wing. The Harvard ‘elite’. Yet, Noonan’s been name-dropping Reagan for over twenty years as if this makes anything she has to say relevant or gives credence to herself as a true conservative.

    She swoons well and punctuates well, and does an excellent rendition of breathlessness. It appears she is on nobody’s side but her own. Working within the belly of the beast for too long, she has become little more than a peevish elitists who looks with disgust at what a truly conservative woman like Palin brings to the movement.

    As she continues to run with the cocktail circuit elite media crowd in NYC, she loses all credibility as any conservative with a political ideology. Noonan is Reagan Democrat who went back home many years ago. Noonan outwore her welcome on my computer screen long ago.

    I read that Peggy Noonan voted for John McCain.

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