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NY23 : Grassroots & Tea Party Movement

October 23, 2009

Why NY 23 is so important to the Tea Party movement and conservatives across the US.

An intensely important election, without any question. This race has become significant and symbolic as it pits grassroots conservatives against the establishment Republican Party.

It’s one of the only congressional elections this year where the Tea Party movement is being tested but can send a message. A defining moment for the GOP where the voters of NY-23 need to show the GOP Establishment which end is up. If those voters choose the RINO over a conservative, then the GOP will receive a very bad message, and our future will look very dim with more RINO candidates.

Consider this: Republican candidate DeDe Scozzafava, a state assemblywoman, is pro-abortion, pro-union, pro-gay, and supported the Obama stimulus programs and bank bailouts. She is in favor of Employee Free Choice Act (and has said she would co-sponsor Card Check legislation). Scozzafava has also run in past elections on the Working Families Party (a Progressive party associated with ACORN) line on the ballot.

Local NY conservatives, outraged that GOP bosses selected a candidate so out-of-touch with their constituency, instead have fought back, running businessman Doug Hoffman on the Conservative Party ticket. The race has become extremely close in an area that would otherwise be a slam-dunk win for the GOP. The pro-life, pro-family conservatives and economic conservatives have rallied together and made common cause to deliver the 23rd district. Siena pollster Steven Greenberg stated that the race would likely come down to the wire on Election Day, saying that the one sixth of undecided voters “will likely determine the outcome of this race.”

With just 8 days to go ‘til the election. If Hoffman can keep momentum he could just squeeze out a win. I’m not sure who would be more upset about the win, Obama, the RNC or the Republican National Congressional Committee. It doesn’t matter if Scozzafava wins or the Democratic nominee wins, they will both vote liberal. With Hoffman’s insurgent candidacy accelerating, conservatives – social and fiscal – see an opportunity not only to teach the GOP a lesson, but also a realistic shot to snatch victory.

Scozzafava has received not only the backing of Planned Parenthood and The Daily Kos, but her campaign has also received financial endorsements from Mr. Gingrich, the Republican National Committee, and Republican leaders such as House Minority Leader John Boehner, and House Minority Whip Eric Cantor. Mr. Gingrich recently said that the election of Ms. Scozzafava could be the start of a “new Republican Revolution” that mirrors the “1994 Republican Revolution.” And to illustrate just how liberal Scozzafava is, Markos Moulitsas, the liberal founder of The Daily Kos has endorsed Scozzafava too. What does that tell you. This backing from the GOP Hierarchy is complete bullshit.

Yet, a growing number of national Republican figures are ‘bucking’ the party. Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Dick Armey, Steve Forbes, Rick Santorum and Fred Thompson all have endorsed Hoffman, the conservative over the Establishment. This is good news from two fronts: First, it is great to see conservatives rally around another conservative. Second, it shows that Sarah Palin is willing to lead the charge of the conservative movement. The message is clear: re-adopt conservative values or expect a fight. Can you hear us now Michael Steele?

So far, Hoffman has captured at least 19 total endorsements – including the New York State Right to Life Party, Susan B. Anthony List, National Organization for Marriage, to name a few. And Hoffman’s campaign has reported more than $210,000 in on-line contributions since October 15. That is until Palin endorsed him. Then a surge of over $116, ooo came in over a 24 hour period. Hoffman now has more money than her opponent; ammunition for advertising and greater name recognition.

Sounds to me like the National Power brokers and RINO’s are allowing the liberals to infiltrate the Republican party all in the name of diversity even though Scozzafava is part of the culture of death. Conservatives need to send the message loud and often the (R) next to the name is not enough! Sarah Palin is not going to endorse anyone who cannot live by Conservative Principals nor is Michelle Bachmann – there you have two real Conservatives who are not afraid to be Conservative. Two voices that will help bring back the United States Constitution.

What is wrong with these people? Bush supported Specter over Toomey, and look how that turned out! If Hoffman wins, it WILL send a message and a shot across the bow of the Inside the Beltway Establishment and RINO’s and it WILL strengthen those of us who are sick and tired of a party that lacks principles. This is what the Tea Party movement is all about. Change. If you agree to allow the power brokers in Washington to endorse the wrong candidates then so be it. However, if you are Tea Party supporter who is tired of out of control spending and RINO’s running our party then this NY congressional election win for Hoffman is huge.

The worst case scenario is if the Democrat wins, the RINO comes in second and Hoffman third, the GOP becomes even more convinced that conservatives hurt the party. Conservatives should use this opportunity to send the RINO’s and the national party a message. The strategy of picking moderates doesn’t work, it has failed, it failed in 2006, 2008 and in other years before that. The GOP doesn’t see that, and they don’t want to see it. Running conservatives wins elections, pure and simple. I believe that Hoffman will win, especially now with Bachmand and Palin’s support.

We must support and elect constitutional candidates whom we know beforehand will take their oath to the constitution seriously and fulfill that oath, and who are committed wholly to stand on and support constitutional principle. When WE, the citizens and voters of this nation insist on that course of action ourselves, in large numbers, we will enact change. That is what is happening here with Sarah and others as they openly support Hoffman… and it is what MUST happen with each of us. By doing so we will pull the GOP back to the constitution and to its own platform. When we do, the right candidates and the right parties will rise to the top like cream rises to the top of fresh milk because we will have insisted and forced it to be so.

Why does a small number in leadership continue to think they can win through surrender? Please send the RNC, NRSC and MRCC a clear message. Your days of power broking control and liberal influence in the selection of candidates are over. Lets get Hoffman elected. And then, there is the spillover effect.

Time for the Tea Party to become Tangible!


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