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Obama: Energy Policy & Fraud

December 4, 2009

Obama: Energy & Fraud

Obama’s Climate Gate has been exposed as a HOAX. Now, about our domestic natural resources…

Global Warming is now called Global Climate change – since the earth is now actually cooling. But don’t let science get in the way of a good political issue; its now junk science. Besides the fraud, stop the madness – man made global warming is and was always a lie. Now we know this. Besides, solar spots account for 90% of all heating and cooling activity and the change in temp over 100 years is 0.01 degrees per decade. When these global climate scientists could not account for the last decade of cooling temperatures they conspired to lie about their observations. Scientists who reject the scientific method are not scientists at all. They are propagandists. Global Warming is a fraud and a scam.

The greatest scientific scam in history has been exposed. The most renowned climate scientists in the world have had 1000 emails and 9000 sections of their modeling disclosed by an inside whistle blower or inadvertently left this data exposed publicly on the Internet by mistake. In these emails they have been shown to have conspired to fudge data, obstruct Freedom of Information requests, discuss among themselves about the temperature decline over the past 9 years and conspired to “hide the decline”, they have conspired to blackball people who do not agree with them by rigging the “peer review” process so critical arguments cannot be published. They developed relationships with (founded by George Soros) where they controlled what was or was not published.

No matter what lengths the media goes in order to protect the President they have invested so much in, the people have caught on. Man-made warming is in its death throws. Gore has cancelled his speech in Nopenhagen. Obama will not as he needs an excuse to pander to his ego by picking up his Nobel Peace Prize and enjoy another family outing. He will even sign a pledge to lower carbon emissions even though he surely knows of the fraud. Nothing could prove more concisely that the warming scare has nothing to do with saving the world, it has nothing to do with saving Polar Bears, and it has nothing to do with science. It is all about political power and greed.

Junk science and doomsday scare tactics pushed by environmental whack’s apparently had no bound. Congress has begun the process of investigating the leaked climate change e-mails from the University of East Anglia, which means all attempts to suppress and shut down the scandal have failed. Obama too was closely associated with people who run the Chicago Climate Exchange, a stock market scheme that depends on artificial government created scarcities of carbon-based fuels. The entire world too is talking about Climate-Gate while the American media is sitting on the story – instead focusing on the Tiger Woods affair.
And, we learned too that the BBC sat on the story for six weeks. Nothing to see here folks!

Nevertheless, Obama is jetting off to “a disaster track” Copenhagen to further embarrass our country to show support for a plan to give up our sovereignty to the UN by allowing them to assess reparations taxes on the United States and redistribute 2% of our GDP to the developing countries which will inherit our industry as Cap and Tax. Plus, this UN tax makes doing business in this country deplorable; higher taxes, higher unemployment, etc. The lies and deceit about Global Warming are being broken wide-open with more information coming in daily. White House involvement in the scandal will make it harder for MSM to ignore. But I’m sure they will try real hard to ignore it. Yes, it will be very interesting watching all this unfold and I don’t have interest in discussing junk science and a fraudulent hoax beyond what I have here. What should be talked about is the abundance of natural resources that exist today here in our own country sitting in our back yard and alternatives.

Cart before the horse never works.

The oil companies are a great asset to this country, not our enemy (no I don’t work for one nor have I invested in one). Our high cost of fuel is the result of decades of Liberals blocking the creation of better and more abundant energy resources and spineless Republicans who wouldn’t fight the good fight. After 30-years of ignoring the problem the demand has finally exceeded supply and the very people who have caused this are now working overtime to blame those who they kept from solving it. No good deed ever goes unpunished. So here we sit, we have billions and billions of oil reserves we are not allowed to recover, we have nuclear energy, clean coal technology, all together enough to power this great country’s needs for literally hundreds of years. All clean and low-cost and all we want to do are ignore real solutions.

The total import of all goods and services into this country is far less than the price we pay for foreign oil. We have four to eight times the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia depending on which estimate of reserves you use; if we drilled in ANWAR, offshore in ANWAR, offshore Pacific, offshore of Florida, on the Atlantic coast; drilled for natural gas in the Destin Dome, drilled on land in the Bakken Fields, opened up the 85% of our reserves now blocked. If we utilized coal for oil and gasified it we would have 500 years of oil and gas supplies. If we utilized shale oil we add two trillion barrels of oil many times the reserves of Saudi Arabia.

There is an estimated four trillion barrels of oil just in the UT/WY/CO oil shale basin. It can be developed for under $30/bbl and in an environmentally safe way but, the environmentalists and their lackeys will ‘not’ allow it to happen. There is a lack of political will to tell the environmentalists to take a walk in the desert and hug a cactus while the rest of us move the world forward as we develop other sources of energy that is cheaper than the next hundred plus years currently available to us in USA oil. If anyone thinks that China, India, or other emerging countries are going to do without oil and care about carbon then I have some real good fertile land to sell you in the Sahara. There are many reasonable and necessary steps to energy independence.

Nuclear power would greatly improve the current problems. If we utilized nuclear we could eliminate much of the one-trillion tons of coal we burn each year. In France, 80% of electrical energy comes from nuclear power plants and this nation should at this time in our history be generating 80% of our electrical needs by nuclear power. This is not incompatible with a program of clean energies development. A mix of energies supply must be created as soon as possible. We can burn coal cleanly. If we did all these things we would create millions of jobs, reduce power costs for everyone, clean the air and eliminate the imbalance of trade. Instead we have a president ignoring the fact that global warming is an irrefutable fraud and giving speeches at a so-called Jobs Summit saying we can produce 6 million jobs by continuing to block our energy resources, have huge tax increases, and put huge taxes on all forms of energy. And, lending $100 billion to Brazil so they can develop their offshore oil while blocking offshore oil here in the United States is insane policy.

Russia has demonstrated to the world the dangers of a nation not having developed its own energy resources. The stranglehold Russia has on the supply of energy to Europe should be an eye-opener to all but the most stupid. The Congressional Research Service released a report at the end of October, “U.S. Fossil Fuel Resources: Terminology, Reporting, and Summary,” which clearly showed that the U.S. has a considerable amount of oil, coal, and natural gas at its disposal—but most of it hasn’t been accessed. It is obvious though that an alternative in energy independence will lead to a booster for the energy conglomerates, rather than taking a fresh look at the problem as many advocate “large scale wind and solar”. Large scale is a code word for corporate-owned. These centralized energy ‘farms’ require new transmission lines. This is just more waste of public funds for the profit of large corporations – with national security risks.

Looking forward, a sane strategy is a national ‘space race’ type program to develop “distributed generation”. This would put solar on every new roof and provide subsidies for household geothermal and energy conservation measures. Rather than waste the money on vulnerable transmission lines – terrorist targets that can be interrupted and can create blackouts – it would be far better to spend it on quickly ramping-up new energy generation on domiciles and decentralized rooftops. By generating energy close to where it will be used we can save tremendous amounts of money in transmission infrastructure. Such a redundant energy ‘mesh’ (as opposed to a ‘grid’) can’t be blacked out or infiltrated as easily.

Localized energy is the way of the future and 100% American. Like the personal computer it puts power in the hands of our citizens. The more people off the grid the more energy secure and independent we are. There are over 70 gigawatts of solar available in the US. Germany is currently buying 25% of the worlds solar panel supply since they are trying to free themselves from dependence on Russian natural gas. This is succeeding wonderfully in Germany. The punch line is that Germany gets the same average solar energy hitting it as Alaska. Imagine the energy available in the other 49 states. Either we pay for solar conversion via the private sector, or watch how Congress squanders tax payer funds and votes tax increases as it wastes. We need to develop solar, wind, wave, tidal, etc., energy solutions at the pace of the Manhattan Project in WWII – with incentives that foster real returns on private-sector investment.

Electric is going to become the primary form of energy for vehicular transportation, heating and cooling. The market for plug-in electric cars is about to explode and will create the default motor-vehicle design for the rest of the century. Ethanol, hydrogen, etc. will be fringe or limited use energy applications. But, we are not encouraging domestic exploration. While it took 125 years to burn through the first trillion barrels of oil, it will only take 30 years to burn through the next trillion. To put 200,000 barrels a day in perspective, consider the fact the world now uses 1,000 barrels per second. We do however need to reduce our use of all fossil fuels for national security reasons and we need to move away from our dependence on oil from foreign sources.

Our dependence on these governments skews our foreign policy, causing us to prop up these repressive regimes and look the other way at their human rights abuses, just so they won’t shut off the oil spigots. In turn, our reputation in the world has tarnished because of this hypocrisy in our foreign policy. I think it’s in our national interest to arrive at a day when we don’t depend on any other government for even one-kilowatt of our energy needs. When true alternatives are dismissed by the needs of environmental protectionist due to fear and ignorance then no real advances will be made; wind energy kills birds (can’t do that), capturing wave energy in the ocean might trap a dolphin (can’t do that), damns for hydro-energy stop fish migration (breach them all), solar energy uses to much tech and what do we do with the batteries (oh no, oh no), and biofuels, well, blah blah blah…

Get the government out of the way and unleash the American ingenuity – tear down the failed leftist policies that impeded our energy development. We need to devote all of the best scientific minds and research institutions in our country to find an alternative to fossil fuels, and if we also get environmental benefits out – that’s great. But, we are still ambivalent on nuclear power. The best thing that can happen is downsize the Federal Government and return the government to each state; they know far better what they need, what they have and what needs to be done to best take care of its constituents. The candidates that promises to reduce the size of government by eliminating the Energy and Education Department to start – will get my vote.

This Global Warming charade has never been about climate or the environment, but about global wealth re-distribution (as in America’s) and global communism, and the world’s media has pretty much been right there every step of the way, doing everything it can to support this lunacy. They failed with Kyoto (omissions in Europe went up in 2005, 06 and 07 and it didn’t go up in the US), but that isn’t going to stop them, as they now have an ally in the White House who doesn’t give a damn about America or its sovereignty, and in fact shares most of the same goals of the global communists.

Obama’s shortsightedness is dangerous and politically expedient, pandering to those people too selfish or ignorant to see more than a few days down the road. The entire man-made global warming debacle was a fraud from the start and those pushing this pack of lies were well aware of it. The left-wing mainstream media jumped into the fray and are now on the horns of a dilemma – do they report the biggest story of the new century and admit that they’ve been lying to their readers for two decades, or do they act like the Obama administration and pretend that none of this is going on and hope it goes away?

Stay tuned.

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