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Why McCain Must Go

February 9, 2010

Vote Conservative!

By now, you know that JD Hayworth will challenge John McCain for Arizona’s Senate seat. And, by now you probably have also noticed that John McCain is undergoing a campaign conversion. Between now and August, John McCain will play Johnny conservative, Johnny Republican, Johnny Tax Cutter and should he win the Arizona primary, he’ll then run back and play Mr. Teddy Roosevelt Progressive for the next 6 years. No elected official should be entitled to spend 30 years in office, especially at taxpayers expense. No more.

If elected again, John McCain will be 80-years old at the end of his term. With his head bobbling on his neck, he will be on your Sunday Talk shows for the next 6 years. We need real, new conservatives in Congress. We need to remove establishment career politicians that vote progressive. We need to change the make up of the Senate. Please help send Juan “Amnesty” McCain to the pasture. The entire RINO establishment is pulling for McCain!

Mark Levin is leading the charge against McCain. Go here and Download the Jan 26 archive…

And, the ‘Great One’, Mark Levin, goes on in the National Review by spelling out The Real McCain Record.

In comparing McCain & Hayworth, the American Thinker has put together a fantastic Tale of the Tape.

And, Pajamas Media has put together Eight Reasons Conservatives Should Back J.D. Hayworth Over John McCain

Multiple sources are reporting that JD Hayworth overwhelmingly beat Senator John McCain among the Republican faithful at the Maricopa County Republican Committee elections in late January. No wonder J.D. Hayworth was encouraged to run! Hayworth creams McCain in AZ GOP insider straw poll – 68% to 10.5%. The poll reflects the growing dissatisfaction by grassroots and elected precinct committeemen – even in John McCain’s home county.

But, let me begin by detailing where I think John McCain has gone wrong. For starters, John:

•Voted against the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 echoing liberal Democratic arguments that they were tax cuts for the rich;

•Voted for an $850 billion bailout for banks and car companies, which was loaded with special interest earmarks totaling $150 billion;

•Proposed spending $300 billion to buy up every bad mortgage in America, which National Review called a “full bailout for lenders” (McCain said he got the idea from Hillary Clinton!);

•Supports a cap and trade scheme that the Wall Street Journal called “an expensive, invasive government bureaucracy” – indeed, McCain once proclaimed, “I don’t know how any conservative cannot support cap and trade;”

•Wrote the campaign finance law just struck down by the Supreme Court that denied free speech rights to groups like the National Rifle Association while carving out an exception for media corporations like the New York Times;

•McCain refuses to support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. And, McCain’s wife is openly campaigning for the gays in California and supposedly for Grant Woods the Democrat candidate for Senator;

•Opposes drilling in ANWR;

•McCain supported Napolitano, ensuring her election and defeating on two occasions a conservative Republican;

•Opposes the use of the enhanced interrogation techniques (waterboarding) that we know prevented at least 4 major terrorist attacks;

•He wants GITMO closed;

•Helped write an amnesty plan that would let illegal aliens qualify for Social Security and Medicare, and which the Heritage Foundation estimates would cost taxpayers “at least $2.6 trillion.” This is not the record of a true conservative, much less a fiscal conservative;

•And, let’s not forget that he was one of the senators involved in the Keating Five savings-and-loan corruption scandal. You can bet that will be raised too;

•The ‘Gang of 14’ which aborted Republican attempts to force an up-or-down vote on conservative Supreme Court nominees;

•The normalization of relations with the Red Vietnamese government before they came clean on the POW question;

•Publicly considering a party change to run as VP for John Kerry;

•McCain has endorsed in primaries – Mark Kirk, Fiorna, Crist and Brown. His PAC is actively trying to get these type RINO candidates elected. Let’s not to forget that Politico article a few months ago about how McCain was on a countrywide mission to move the party to the center, center left;

•Maybe one the biggest ancillary reasons to get rid of McCain is to get rid of his whacked out daughter. Meghan is attacking the tea party movement with wild abandon.

Another problem with McCain (one of the many problems) is he tries to play the middle in a similar fashion to Lieberman. Whenever there is an election, he becomes a moderate and starts touting his supposed bi-partisanship which makes independents and uninformed voters think about supporting him. Unfortunately, in the last Presidential election he wasn’t able to fool anyone and on top of that he dropped Palin in to the mix.

McCain’s lifetime rating: 81

In the last 3 years, John McCain’s ACU rating has averaged 69.

Recent records by year:
2008: 63
2007: 80
2006: 65
2005: 80
2004: 72
2003: 80
2002: 78
2001: 68
2000: 81
1999: 77
1998: 68
1997: 80
1996: 95
1995: 91

If you want more than that, go look them up here.

By comparison, Arizona’s other Senator, Kyl, has a lifetime average of 97. Kyl beat his last opponent by 10 points in a Democratic year.

In his 12 years in Congress, JD Hayworth compiled a lifetime rating of 98% from the ACU.

JIm DeMint has an ACU of 100%.

Arlen Specter has a lifetime rating from the ACU of 47.

Mark Kirk has a lifetime rating from the ACU of 55.

In 2008, McCain was the only top tier candidate of either party who failed to win his/her home state with 50% or more of the primary vote. McCain has done more damage to the GOP platform than any RINO in recent memory. It would be good for conservatives across the nation to rid the (R) party of Senator McCain once and for all. “John’s problem is not that he likes Hillary (Clinton),’’ Hayworth said. “John’s problem is he’s like Hillary.’’ McCain never goes negative against his Democrat opponents, but he went negative against JD before JD was even a candidate. That tells you what kind of man McCain is. He stabs his own in the back while groveling at the feet of the enemy.

McCain has always been known for throwing his base under the bus and that haunted him during the 2008 elections. McCain has no base. He has no ideological bearings. That has always been John McCain’s problem. He has no idea what he believes in. If he isn’t hated then he’s viewed as untrustworthy. McCain, who prides himself on being a “maverick”, has moved further left as he’s widely admired among Democrats for reaching across the aisle. “I count myself as a conservative Republican, yet I view it to a large degree in the Theodore Roosevelt mold,” Mr. McCain said. Huh? In addition to his stance on amnesty, he co-authored:

The Lieberman-McCain Climate Stewardship Act
The McCain-Kennedy Secure America and Orderly Immigration
The McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act
The McCain-Cantwell Act

There are many more reasons why John McCain should not represent the Republican Party in Arizona as a Senator but those listed above should be enough for people to watch out for the fox guarding the hen-house. The only conservatives who would support McCain would be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or battered wife syndrome. He has shown us who he is, time and time again, there is no mystery. Ignore his past positions and votes at your own peril and you will be cursing the day you didn’t fight for a conservative.

But the biggest “problem” with McCain isn’t only his voting record, it’s his whole narrative. McCain is not just wrong on a host of “big issues”, he’s spent most of his career undercutting conservative positions in the Party and undercutting Republican Presidents (GWB). McCain is a career politician and lifelong “Public Servant”. If John McCain lost his Senate seat, his non-stop appearances on every Sunday talk show wouldn’t even slow down for a minute. If you think I’m wrong, I have two words for you: Newt Gingrich.

The Issue

In November, a Rasmussen poll showed JD Hayworth tied with John McCain for the Arizona Senate seat. After a barrage of radio ads in the state by McCain without an ‘announced candidate’; fast forward to February and JD’s was polling at 31% vs McCain’s 53%. On Feb 15th, JD Hayworth announced he would run against McCain and McCain seems to be running scared. He has spent $2.75 Million in 3 months against JD. In the latest Rasmussen poll however, dated March 18, Hayworth has moved within striking distance and is now within 7%; 48% to 41%.

Even as McCain recruits Palin, Brown and Fred Thompson to help him, there is a devastating litany of reasons why conservatives should dump McCain. McCain is a progressive (fascist elitist) who thinks he knows better than ‘we the people.’ His parents worked for the Government and he has worked for Government all his life. He has never held a private sector job. He said in a debate or Townhall event that he most admires Teddy Roosevelt, a Progressive, and said the Reagan era is over.

McCain has represented Arizona in the House or Senate since 1982. Let me repeat that; since 1982. McCain is running hard right lately. If you listened to his radio ads, you’d think he founded the Tea Party movement. If not for JD Hayworth, he probably would have reached across the aisle on climate change and immigration reform by now. John McCain holds a spot in my top 5 people responsible for the blurring of the lines between the GOP and the Donkeys which is the primary cause of the pasting we took in the last 2 election cycles.

McCain is worse on amnesty and adoration for illegal aliens than a number of Democrats. Arizona primaries aren’t open per se. If you are registered to any party, you can only vote in your own party’s primary. If you are independent, you can choose one primary to vote in, but you can’t vote in both Democratic and Republican primaries in same year. However, the political parties may request in writing that independents not be allowed to vote in their primary in a given year. (Don’t expect GOP establishment to let that happen) Also, the registration forms in Arizona were changed in 2005 to remove the check-box for “no party preference”, so registrations as independent are less frequent.

Voting registration figures in Arizona through last spring show that Republicans, Democrats, and independents and minor parties all take about a third of registered voters. McCain has traditionally had a strong appeal in the states general election with the state’s independents and moderates. But many conservative, Tea Party, anti-illegal immigration base and fiscal conservative-minded voters will choose the nominee.

Secondly, you can’t underestimate the power of his afternoon drive talk show on the right-wing radio station – it has elevated him to Local Limbaugh-like status. Thirdly, the general mood has changed in Arizona like it has in the nation and the Tea Partiers are stronger than in the recent past. Finally, McCain is not as popular in AZ as his election results might indicate. As mentioned, he has not been seriously challenged in the primary before. Because of this, McCain always relied on Indy and Dem votes to win in Arizona. But, he even lost a lot of Indy and moderate love after he altered his maverick-ness in ’04 to Bush, and after he undertook the campaign of dis-ingenuousness of ’08.

And, McCain didn’t do himself any favors when McCain did NOT attend his home county GOP annual meeting on January 16. Or when he refused to meet with conservative precinct committeemen from six Arizona counties who wanted to ask him about his “leadership” in developing a strategy to use the Senate Standing Rules to slow down and eventually kill Obamacare and every other boneheaded Dem legislative proposal. I believe the reason McCain did not attend the Maricopa County Rep. Party annual meeting is because he feared getting booed in public. Many Tea Partiers attended as spectators and they do not like McCain, though he does have some support.

I’m told people are carried away in this election by their, shall I say, hatred for John McCain. And it’s properly placed hatred. Maricopa County and Pima County–home to Phoenix and Tucson are the two counties that make up almost 80% of the state’s population and cast almost three-fourths (70%) of the state’s vote. Maricopa County is home to almost 60% of the state’s population, and most of the state’s elected officials live there. It has voted Republican in every presidential election since 1948.

Obama won Tucson (Pima) and John McCain won Phoenix (Maricopa). McCain won his home state by 8 percentage points. The margin would have likely been far closer if not for a 130,000-vote margin in Maricopa County. He barely reached 50% in his last primary though, and McCain has never been seriously challenged, let alone lost, a state-level election. If the moderate Republicans have had enough of being lied to on a consistent basis from McCain, which I hear they are, and the right-wing patriots in the Republican party are fired up, which I hear they are, then the question becomes how far to the right McCain will swing in order to placate. He is already moving to the right, but it’s only temporary. Most conspicuously in his changed attitude and tone on combating global warming. To the Independents: If you are NOT Republican — you are helping Liberalism/Progressive-ism. It is that simple.

As of now, no significant Democrats have decided to run. Most folks on the Democratic side in Arizona are just waiting to figure out whether McCain’s going to get bounced or not, it’s not clear who’s going to go for the Senate seat. Can’t say I have heard of a Democrat coming forward to run against McCain, or JD if he wins. Napolitano might have had a shot, but there aren’t too many high-profile Dem’s in AZ politics. AG Terry Goddard is currently the biggest name being circulated and I think Napolitano will go after Kyl’s seat in 2012 and Terry Goddard is most likely running for governor.

The concern for McCain with Arizona is the older people vote, and they love a staunch “conservative” like Hayworth and Sheriff Joe. The most reliably conservative slice of the state is the Sun City retirement areas around Phoenix. Most of those folks are – with the exception of Medicare and social security – to the right of most. They are hard core law and order folks who support Joe Arpaio to a fault. That happens to also be McCain’s problem, he’s perceived as a fake conservative in the minds of Arizonians, Hayworth is exactly what they like, a anti-immigration foe who will support the “conservative” opinion regardless of the outcome.

However, Hayworth could have problems himself too. For Hayworth, it’s not the politics but the “money.” McCain has $5 million in the coffer. And, JD is only now beginning to raise money. Minuteman activist Chris Simcox too, who was already in the race, told The Arizona Republic that he would not get out of the race. With Hayworth in, it could split the anti-McCain vote. Simcox told the paper there’s “no way in hell” he’s quitting the race. J.D. too had the Abramoff taint tight around his neck in 2006 – though, it has loosened since then, because no legal action even got close enough to him.

JD Hayworth is popular with the conservative base because he was a leading right-wing voice in Congress on immigration, until he lost his seat in 2006. The main reason Hayworth lost his seat in 2006 was due to nothing other than redistricting. It had been a seat that he narrowly won in each term, and when the district was redrawn, they took away some of the conservative areas and put them in John Shadegg’s, and they replaced them with more liberal regions like Tempe. Hayworth’s lead evaporated at the same time other Republicans around the nation saw their leads evaporate – right after the Mark Foley page scandal. From that point on, Hayworth was consistently behind in the polls.

As of now, no significant Democrats have decided to run. Most folks on the Democratic side in Arizona are just waiting to figure out whether McCain’s going to get bounced or not, it’s not clear who’s going to go for the Senate seat. Can’t say I have heard of a Democrat coming forward to run against McCain, or JD if he wins. Napolitano might have had a shot, but there aren’t too many high-profile Dem’s in AZ politics. AG Terry Goddard is currently the biggest name being circulated and I think Napolitano will go after Kyl’s seat in 2012 and Terry Goddard is most likely running for governor.

I’m just not sure AZ has gone “purple” enough for a Dem to happen. Perhaps, Gabrielle Giffords (D-Tucson) would be an interesting candidate against Hayworth in the general, should he win. Depending upon who you talk to a dead white cat has higher name recognition and more electability in Arizona than any potential Democrat in the Senate race. Phoenix and Tucson are farther apart than LA and NY. The winner of the Republican Primary will likely win the general – where some say handily.

McCain is 73, and will be one year short of 80 years old at the end of any successful reelection bid and has been in the House and Senate for almost 30 years. He has upset conservatives more than any one Republican who believe he is nothing more than a self-serving, self-promoting, egomaniac who hung up his honor & his sense of duty in the closet with his Navy uniforms when he retired. And, according to Michelle Malkin, Beware-”McCain Regression Syndrome”

McCain’s PAC is the driving force behind supporting center and center left candidates such as Charlie Crist, Mark Kirk, Tim Pawlenty, and Carly Fiorina.

The Argument

There is a huge anti-incumbency move going on this year and the Tea Partiers are not supporting McCain. Is JD Hayworth the one to take McCain out? Unknown. Is McCain is serious trouble? Up to his neck and sinking fast. Those that argue that we need a ‘R’ in Arizona over a conservative compromise on their own political belief system. That is why we have too many RINO’s now. I understand that in states like Massachusetts a McCain Republican is probably the best you will get; but in states like Arizona or Florida, we can do better. McCain is the poster boy for what is wrong with the current group of Republicans. They aren’t “centrist” they go way past the center and cross over to the left. Remember bi-partisan to a Dem means agreeing with them. It’s about getting rid of a RINO. And if the political environment is the same in the fall as it is now, a warm body will beat the Dem in Arizona.

There is a devastating litany of reasons why conservatives should dump McCain. McCain is a progressive (fascist elitist) who thinks he knows better than ‘we the people.’ His parents worked for the Government and he has worked for Government all his life. He said in a debate or Townhall event that he most admires Teddy Roosevelt, a Progressive. Enough said. Hayworth’s personality shortcomings aside, they are nothing compared to McCain’s, who is by all accounts a jerk (see the new book Game Change). For those who can’t bring yourself to support the conservative Hayworth, let’s not hear you whining when McCain sells you down the river…again.

I hope Hayworth clean McCain’s clock and I am bitterly disappointed in Palin for supporting the rat-weasel. I always support the conservative but the primary is where you need thick skin and we can get rid of the RINO’S. Arizona is no different. JD will be a solid conservative on every issue. He is as reliable as McCain is unstable.

It is long past time that we show conservatives across the country we are serious about a more conservative GOP Leadership. Win or lose in this Primary, the challenge in and of itself proves something. It’s worth it to try and be rid of RINO’s such as McCain. He could cause as much damage in the US Senate the next 6 years as any Democrat. Never vote for someone to public office who has never worked a day in hiss life in the private sector. McCain has worked in government his whole life. He has the best free gig ever. He doesn’t want to lose that.

This will be an ugly, bloody fight. JD’s a bombastic bomb thrower where his mouth can get him in trouble, which he needs to tone down. And. McCain apparently filed suit against a radio personality who wasn’t an official candidate for political office but was using the public airways to trash him over his unpopular stands on several issues. But, he is one that conservatives must fight for versus the continuing compromising on its conservative values.

Word from Arizona is there are enough Precinct Committeemen going to step-up to do whatever they can to promote anyone over McCain. McCain is possibly as dangerous of a Republican that there is. He has betrayed the conservative voter, time and time again. And he is playing hardball with Hayworth. He didn’t fight this hard for President.

Consider this:

1. Races against incumbents are always about the incumbent, not the challenger.

2. Endorsements mean nothing – see: Virginia, New Jersey, & Massachusetts. Even so, Hayworth has the most important endorsement in the state – Joe Arpaio.

3. As for losing more liberal Southern Arizona, this is a primary, not a general. Republicans down south are just as disgusted with McCain as those up north. Remember, southern AZ Republicans selected the conservative Randy Graf over his more moderate opponent in the 2006 primary to take on Gabby Giffords. (I know, I know, Graf lost in GE. But in 2006 the moderate would have lost, too.)

4. Hayworth is the more articulate candidate by far and will absolutely demolish John McCain in a debate. When he was on the Hill, Hayworth was considered the best communicator in the Republican conference, which is why Hayworth was one of the few House members with a national following.

5. McCain’s strength is oversated and he knows it. Remember, McCain only beat Obama by 9 points (actualy, 8.8) in his home state. A week before the election, the polls had it neck-and-neck. But don’t take my word for it. McCain’s own actions show he’s worried. Look, he co-sponsored that cockamamie independent commission on the budget bill, and then voted against it. Why? Because of Hayworth. McCain knows he is vulnerable.

6. Hayworth can win. It will be a battle, but it is absolutely doable. Primaries are about intensity, and that is with Hayworth, not McCain.

7. Arizona is a red red state, unlike Maine or Mass. Brown is the best we can get in Mass, but in Arizona, actual conservatives could run and win.

8. When McCain goes off the plantation, he does so with more gusto and energy than when he is on the reservation. Whether its immigration reform, campaign finance reform, or Bush military strategy, nothing gets McCain fired up like taking on the more conservative position.

9. McCain kisses the rear end of MSM idiots like Chris Matthews and cannot be trusted.

10. The ladies from Maine hurt us far less often than Spector or McCain.

McCain knows that the party base has had it with his 6-months of running as a conservative and 5-1/2 years plus of legislating as a RINO. If McCain felt safe he would not have:

1. Tried to take control of the AZ GOP’s 2010 election funding with his ill-fated “Victory Arizona Plan” that was voted down.

2. Used shills, such as Yuma GOP Chairman Phil Townsend, to make false accusations of FEC filing and accounting irregularities against AZ GOP chairman Randy Pullen and Treasurer Tim Lee to try and take control of the state party.

3. Started a massive ad campaign against an undeclared candidate.

Where is there 100% assured strategy for any and every candidate they support? This is an uphill battle, no doubt. But, we do not “win” by promoting a lousy candidate and marginal legislator. My final reason for wanting this fight… is to keep McCain from using the millions he’s raised to support all the other RINOs from NY, IL, CA, MN and on and on that he’s been introducing to his big money donors. This is a war as far as I’m concerned. Make McCain spend his money elsewhere other than getting to go around the country making mini-mes. We already are stuck with one RINO in Mass, probably another one in Kirk in IL. The only thing worse than McCain is his minions of younger McCain’s carrying out his mission of undermining the conservative movement after he retires to be replaced by Meghan. McCain has no center or compass so too speak, and goes with whatever seems popular instead of leadership.

Is JD the guy? What we do have is JD – warts & all. Maybe not my first choice, but I’ll take him. Yes, so JD is a bit flakey at times… So what?! Better than a Teddy Roosevelt PROGRESSIVE we’ve let sell us out far too many times. Reactions on this election vary based on whether one is a conservative or an establishment Republican advocate or a safe ‘R’ or a conservative. If JD manages to pull out the win, great. If not, I’ll still vote for McCain in the general election. In my opinion JD will be a better representative and Senator from Arizona. If JD has a brain, he’ll talk little and HAMMER this message – “John McCain is a lifetime politician. It’s time for him to come home.” Stay away from most everything else, and focus on McCain’s long stay in Washington.

JD’s not perfect, but he would be a huge improvement for conservatives. We’d never have to worry about where he stands like we do with the incumbent. John McCain is nothing more than a self-serving, self-promoting, egomaniac who hung up his honor & his sense of duty in the closet with his Navy uniforms when he retired. If Hayworth doesn’t win the primary, get Jon Voigt to move to AZ for the GE.

Talking Points for Dummies:

Here are the top 10 reasons some conservatives dislike the Arizona senator:

1. Campaign finance reform. McCain tried to limit the role of money in politics with measures that, critics say, stomp on the constitutional right to free speech.

2. Immigration. McCain has been a vocal supporter of a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, although he now says he understands the border between the U.S. and Mexico must be sealed first.

3. Tax cuts. McCain twice voted against President Bush’s tax cuts, saying in 2001 they helped the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and in 2003 that there should be no tax relief until the cost of the Iraq war was known. But he now wants to extend the tax cuts.

4. Gay Marriage. McCain refuses to support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

5. Stem cell research. McCain would relax restrictions on federal dollars for embryonic stem cell research, which critics consider tantamount to abortion.

6. Global warming. Among the loudest voices in Congress for aggressive action against global warming and a frequent critic of the Bush administration on the issue.

7. “Gang of 14″ member. One of seven Republicans and seven Democrats who averted a Senate showdown over whether filibusters could be used against Bush judicial nominees.

8. Kerry veep. McCain was approached by the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, about being his running mate. McCain talked with Kerry but rejected the offer.

9. Works with Democrats. See all of the above.

10. Belligerence. McCain can be acerbic toward his critics, such as when he labeled televangelists Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson “agents of intolerance.” He reconciled with Falwell in 2006. Conservative James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, said in a statement on the morning of the Super Tuesday primaries that he would not vote for McCain, citing among other things his “legendary temper” and that he “often uses foul and obscene language.”

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