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Treasonous Foreign Policy?

June 23, 2010

Listed below are all valid reasons to consider Obama treasonous, notwithstanding those I don’t know about in foreign policy matters.

The hallmarks of Obama’s foreign policy includes:

  1. Endangering the USA by disarmament of USA when there are clear and present dangers from enemies of the USA; nuclear disarmament.
  2. Endangering the USA by reducing security (volume & knowledge base) in known areas of Islamic terrorism (i.e., NYC.);
  3. Financing terrorist organizations, and using US funds to do so; $320k per month to Hassan’s mosque, donations to Pakistan terrorist groups;
  4. Endangering the USA by removing border agents, stopping security measures (cameras, wall at border) in States being overridden by drug cartels from Mexico. Murder, theft, kidnappings, and other forms of terrorism and harm to those states (AZ) are being ignored, thus endangering the States on those borders;
  5. Endangering the USA by unilaterally deciding to drop a plan for missile defense for Eastern Europe; destroying treaties that maintain the safety of our nation indirectly (via allies like Poland);
  6. Endangering the USA by working feverishly to destroy our economic system and weaken our nation on the world stage.
  7. Endangering the financial stability of those States along the border by refusing to reimburse their financial loss (billions), to which the federal government has responsibility;
  8. Endangering the USA by signing treaties by usurping Congress (Russia & UN);
  9. Endangering the USA by frivolously spending funds without restraint, endangering the financial welfare against the wishes of the citizens;
  10. Endangering the USA by signing treaties that violate Constitutions’ supremacy to supersede all other foreign treaties;
  11. Destroying relationships with allies that would impact our physical security as a nation (Poland, Israel);
  12. Hiding known terrorist activities and refusing to properly address them with transparency;
  13. Endangering the USA through apologies and appeasement;
  14. Endangering the USA by defrauding previous treaties (Poland) to obtain relationship that would overthrow another government (Poland) for NWO intent, against the knowledge of the USA;
  15. Endangering the USA by revealing to everyone in the world the exact quantity of warheads, nature and location of arms and arsenals; and when we plan to make secret missile launches;
  16. Endangering the USA by creating a shadow government of known criminals and haters of America, that does not answer to the Citizens, the security needs of the citizens or, of which, activities are hidden from the general populace;
  17. Encouraging others in administration to defraud the American citizens; (health care content, donations to terrorist related groups like CARE, border security, etc.);
  18. Endangering the USA by forcing news media to silence information about terrorists, and national tragedies;
  19. Endangering citizens via DHS notifying all police in USA that pro-life, birthers and Christian groups were terrorists, and/or racist and directing attention away from true terrorist acts;
  20. Endangering USA through a floundering leadership that is more concerned with social excursions, trips and golfing over tragedies such as TN flood or LA oil spill;
  21. Endangering the USA by exerting the futility of rules of engagement & running the Afghan war from the Executive Office, just like Vietnam;
  22. Endangering the USA by creating added instability to a Presidential command structure at a crucial juncture in the war in Afghanistan;
  23. Endangering the USA by implementing spending reductions on armed forces as well as cuts across the Defense Department’s civilian and military bureaucracies;
  24. Endangering the USA by implementing missile defense cuts, reduction in ground weapons programs and termination of Airborne Laser (ABL) aircraft;
  25. Endangering the USA with a weakened national security by emboldening aggressors through watered-down interrogation of foreign fighters and suspected terrorists and interference from the US federal courts;
  26. Endangering the USA through bribery to purchase votes to obtain his goal (likewise those that accepted the bribes) to usurp the wishes of the citizens;
  27. Endangering the USA through its detention policy, allowing Gitmo detainees released into the United States;
  28. Endangering the USA by allowing undue influence from UN;
  29. Endangering the USA across the board through neglect of all federal immigration laws;
  30. Endangering the USA by focusing on the reshaping of America’s domestic landscape into a Euro-style socialist society and neglecting foreign policy;
  31. Endangering the USA by expending interminable “deliberations” re troop numbers for the Afghan troop deployment;
  32. Endangering the USA by allowing WH politicians to run military strategy and short-term thinking for political purposes;
  33. Endangering the USA by removing sanctions against three Russian organizations the US had previously accused of assisting Iran’s effort to develop nuclear weapons.
  34. Endangering the USA by showing weakness in bowing to foreign dignitaries and Leaders;
  35. Endangering the USA by neglecting to deal directly with Iran nuclear threats with the rest of the world at our side.

To be honest, I can only think of one positive thing Obama has been involved with during his Presidency. I think Obama managed to stay out of the Navy’s way in dealing with the Samali Pirates last summer. Obama’s policy of “weakness through weakness” is bringing us ever close to escalated terrorism, and putting our troops’ life, limb, and morale at risk.

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  1. June 25, 2010 1:26 am

    Good list. Keep pouring it on. We bloggers need to expand the base and continue legitmate criticism. After all, coming up with trash on this Novice in our White House is so easy to find.

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