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Netherlands Merry Men

December 2, 2010

Netherlands Merry Men

Hey want to move to Holland?

A new coalition government has been agreed upon in the Netherlands. As expected, the cabinet will consist of a VVD/CDA minority coalition, backed by Geert Wilders’ party, the PVV (conservative). Forget the acronyms, its not important. You get the idea.

Details of the new government’s program have now emerged, and when I read what they’re planning, my mouth watered. Unfortunately, the most conservative Republican government imaginable would never attempt half of this stuff in the USA. Sadly.

Massive government downsizing, law and order, tax cuts, massive immigration cuts, standing up to Islamic encroachment, huge cuts in the payments to the EU, illegal residency made punishable, limiting the money flow to the liberal propaganda network and ending affirmative action…

But wait… there is more. The new government doesn’t just want a smaller government but fewer politicians. Cutting down the number of politicians in parliament sounds most excellent. Almost hard to believe politicians would actually have the fortitude to downsize their own sandbox. Sounds like the Dutch are on to something.

Impressive that this is not just some talking points out of a Wilders speech, but the actual program of the new government;

  • The government will work hard to increase safety. Street-terror will be tackled hard
  • There will be minimum sentences handed out to recidivists for crimes for which there is a maximum sentence of twelve years or more
  • Criminals with dual nationality will loose their Dutch citizenship
  • Police ticket quotas will be abolished
  • Schools with radically innovative educational concepts will face closure
  • There will be a strict immigration policy. The influx of non-western immigrants will be decreased substantially, by 50%
  • Illegal residence in the Netherlands will become punishable
  • Turks will have to assimilate
  • Burkas and other face-covering clothing will be banned
  • Welfare benefits will be reduced
  • People who come from elsewhere have no more special preference in applications
  • The abolition of “affirmative action” will also affect women
  • The speed limit on motorways will go up from 120 to 130 kilometers per hour
  • The coalition is committed to more nuclear energy
  • The mortgage tax-reduction will remain in place
  • The new government wants a smaller government with fewer politicians. The number of MPs will be reduced from 150 to 100, the number of Senators from 75 to 50
  • There will be fewer Ministers and State Secretaries
  • The new government also wants to cut the number of elected representatives in local councils, boards and provincial governments
  • The budget for Development Aid will be cut
  • The coalition will continue with the testing phase of the new Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)
  • The Public Broadcaster [also called “state broadcaster” or in the USA, NPR & PBS] will be cut by a few hundred millions.

It appears we have certain problems in common. The party of the new Prime Minister are right wing classic liberals; smaller government, tax cuts, law and order etc. Wilders add to the mix is a healthy mistrust against Islam. I can only hope that Geert and his merry men are successful in getting these policies through. You have many western conservative’s support!

You can follow Geert Wilders and the PVV on Twitter (Dutch language):

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  1. Hunter Campbell permalink
    February 2, 2011 3:05 am

    Wow!! I now have greater admiration for Wilders’s policies. I’d live to see a politician in the states w/ actual testes like those. If Gert doesn’t get this done, there will be nothing left of his fine country in 25 years. They need him desperately.

    By contrast, here in the U.S. we still have closed the 100 year old plant that made Edison’s light bulbs and then banned them in the name of a false God of Climatism and we let anyone and their offspring steal the greatest gift we have- citizenship.

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