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Explanation of Vinson’s HC Ruling

March 3, 2011

Explanation of Judge Vinson’s HC Ruling

So the US Governement asked for a clarification of Vinson’s previous ObamaCare ruling. Vinson clarified it:

He’s essentially telling the Obama Administration to appeal it or cease and desist. Obama just got checkmated. He granted the stay, sure, but in doing so, Judge Vinson said Team Obama has 7 days to file an appeal of the ruling. If you don’t, then Obamacare is unconstitutional, and the law is void. If you do, then the Supreme’s will no doubt take it up and the matter will be decided there.

Obama and the the USGov thought they had months. Now they have days. Seven days. Obama intended to keep implementing the unconstitutional law, likely “slow walk” it to the 4th Circuit, not 11th circuit, and drag it out so they could get a large part implemented, get most of its hooks into our society before going to Supreme court. Then argue it would be too hard to undo.

If Obama’s appeal fails, and the Supreme’s refuses to hear the case, the matter is settled, the law unconstitutional, and the law is void.

This is not what the DOJ wanted and now that they asked for this – they got much more than they wanted.

Vinson is trying to push the government into quickly resolving the case, requiring them to file an expedited appeal to the 11th Circuit or Supreme Court. In his ruling, Vinson repeated what he has said previously — that “the citizens of this country have an interest in having this case resolved as soon as practically possible.”

The language of the decision was biting and sarcastic, Vinson wasn’t happy to have to CLARIFY what was perfectly clear. The judge told Obama’s DOJ he did not buy the fact that they did not understand his ruling. Not only that, Obama has to do it with the same case they just lost! The DOJ wanted to use one of the other cases from a court that had ruled in ObamaCare’s favor. Vinson pointed out that the case has been made, the briefs are written. Change the headers, add the color cover, and submit it. The matter is of the utmost importance to the citizens, and delay is improper.

Folks, this is a good ruling for our side. Judge is tired of the games. The judge just called Obama’s bluff. The only repercussion I could see could be the next court could definitely drag its feet. But, this is a great WIN. Great big win.

The Ruling: The entire law is unconstitutional, Obama now has 7 days to file an appeal or all 26 states will be able to void the entire ObamaCare law. It is good news.

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