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Immigration Letter: No Amnesty

June 17, 2013


Time to email/call/fax all US Senators and House members. Here’s a sample letter.

Dear Honorable Member,

Sir/Madam, I am extremely upset with this latest amnesty immigration bill S.744 that the U.S. Senate is currently debating and that the House of Representatives will be considering.

Words cannot express my anger at the utter foolishness of this bill. Rewarding criminal behavior encourages more criminal behavior. People cannot begin their careers in America by breaking the law. Further, it hurts minimum wage American workers by causing them to compete with millions of foreign workers. But, I am dismayed at those in Congress who lack the understanding of this critical issue to our nation. It is costly. In both its price tag and to our nations security.

Let us salute the sacrifices of those before us. It has always been made perfect by patriots and people with nationalism in their hearts; proud to be part of this great nation. On every level, the once-solemn vow of citizenship has been demeaned, diminished, dumbed down. The founders solemnly described citizenship as a privilege and not a right. Let us pledge to not do any act that makes our country bend its head with shame. Please do not allow the once-solemn bond of citizenship become a mere “commodity”.

I along with most other Americans are in favor of legal immigration for those who are willing to learn our language, culture, and invest the time and money required to become a U.S. citizen – but not for those who willfully break on our laws, spit on our country, demand benefits, and are not willing to go through proper channels to become an American citizen. When did the most cherished citizenship in the world become a token-free handout?

Like many other Americans who love this country, I see the ‘Land of the Beautiful’ transforming into something I do not recognize. I resent the deceptive nature that this bill is being presented to American citizens by our elected officials. What have we become? Americans have stoically sacrificed their blood and treasure for decades only to have a politician circumvent their scars through foreign invasion of open borders. What is the solution? It won’t be easy because we didn’t get into this situation overnight. Please consider the following immediately:

1) Secure our borders

2) Enforce existing law

3) Remove Federal Incentives

4) Mandate E-Verify

5) Penalize Employers who hire ‘illegals’

6) End Birthright Citizenship

7) End Chain-Migration

8) End Visa-lottery

9) Complete the Fence

10) Support State Enforcement

These ENFORCED changes would strengthen America greatly, protect our culture, our heritage and national security. Please consider voting against this terrible immigration legislation should it come before the full floor. I, along with many other concerned Americans will be watching.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely and respectfully,

An American.

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  1. John hibert permalink
    September 18, 2013 2:40 am

    No to amnesty No to lawbreakers. Our politicians don”t care about American ,or Americans

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