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Immigration Solution

June 18, 2013


Immigration Solution

Attempts to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bills failed three times in 2006 and 2007 due to massive public opposition. While the legislation makes big promises of more border security and immigration enforcement in the future, why would anyone believe such promises, when our current immigration laws go grotesquely unenforced? Oh, and its 25 million illegal aliens, not eleven.

The loopholes that facilitate illegal immigration must be closed. Incentives for illegal immigration must be eliminated. The penalties for violating immigration law must be increased. In order to have any significant effect on illegal immigration the demand must be drastically reduced. Much like drugs, until you reduce the demand, you’ll never reduce the supply.

Pro-amnesty advocates often emote with a predictable push back of: “well, whats your plan?”  Well, it’s right here. For those who might argue “It is impossible to round up and deport all the illegals” – we don’t have to. It’s called self deport or natural attrition: 1] Remove incentives 2] Enforce existing laws 3] Introduce E-verify 4] Enact Entry/Exit system. All lead to attrition through enforcement.

Proponents of Amnesty want to create the false choice between a blanket amnesty and mass deportation. Don’t buy the progressive narrative. Natural attrition will come. In an effort to compose an overall, cohesive immigration plan, most conservatives would support some variation of the following key recommendations.

Immigration Solution

1) Implement a biometric Entry-Exit tracking system at all land, air and sea ports of all foreign visitors

2) Mandate E-verify. Fine and prosecute businesses owners which knowingly employ illegal workers

3) Remove federal incentives. A specific prohibition against granting illegal alien government benefits beyond emergency care

4) Secure border. Utilize technologies: “virtual fence” of sensors, cameras, motion detectors, other sophisticated equipment and aerial camera drones. Fund agents. Complete ‘fence’. Enforce existing laws

5) End chain-migration: make long-due changes to the 14th Amendment regarding birthright citizenship for illegal immigrant children

6) Improve guest worker and visa system; tighter rules on duration of stay that is more in keeping with international norms. End visa-lottery immediately

7) A comprehensive approach to controlling illegal alien document fraud and identity theft. Any eventual immigration reform must recognize and compensate the victims of illegal-alien-driven identity theft

8) Any illegal alien caught violating our laws that are deported should be fingerprinted, photographed, iris scanned, charged with a felony, and their information placed in a [Entry/Exit] national database

9) Any 2nd time and thereafter repeat offenses by illegal aliens should be sent to prison-work-camps for a maximum of 6 months; build southern fence/wall, biometrically tagged, followed by deportation

10) Seize and liquidate all assets from illegal aliens deported and use proceeds for our military, local law enforcement and border agents family’s who’s member was killed in line of duty at border

11) Mandatory proof of legal status for drivers license, government issued ID, EBT or benefits card. Make states liable for cost and crimes committed by illegal alien automobile registrations, public school enrollment, at state-level

12) Remove provisions on H-1B visas from trade agreements. The H-1B visa covers an employment relationship, not trading activity. Vigorously cap family-sponsored visas

13)  Cut off all federal funds to cities which continue or adopt ‘sanctuary policies’ for illegal aliens

14) Institute pressure on foreign governments and nations to reduce illegal immigration to America

15) Send a bill for deportation/prison costs to the embassy of the illegal immigrant’s national origin 

16) Discard the notion of any amnesty provisions or ‘Dream Act’ for children of illegal foreign invaders

17) Give local law enforcement officials required resources and authority to combat illegal aliens

18) Require mandatory proof of citizenship for voting: Voter ID

19) Illegal entry offenders forfeits forever any future chance for US citizenship. Enforce Existing Laws

20) Designate English as our national language

By excusing criminal behavior and turning lawbreakers into victims, advocates for illegal aliens encourage corruption and subvert the rule of law. Illegal aliens working with stolen identities and fraudulent documents transfer billions of dollars to foreign nations that would otherwise have been spent and invested in the United States economy.

Today, the United States brings in 1.2 million ‘legal immigrants’ per year; more than the rest of the world combined. Americans are generous and welcoming, as we should be, and we encourage LEGAL immigration. The issue at hand is foreign invasion of illegal aliens, which has nothing to do with legal immigration.

And, the difference is most of us understand that we DO NOT have a right to acquire by illegal means those things that we find difficult to acquire by legal means. And we certainly don’t have the right to do it in a foreign country. To better understand the ‘false framing’ from the pro-amnesty advocates of the immigration bill, go here.

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