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July 3, 2013


Without victims, liberal Democrats have nowhere to turn for votes. But for the GOP, what good is it to gain the Hispanic vote which is 10% of the total and lose 30% of the base? They just lost me.

The most striking feature of the amnesty campaign is the blatant pandering plunge into identity politics. Much of this maneuvering takes place in the political twilight inhabited by Progressive groups, lobbyists, and special interests money. Rubio and the Republicans are pandering to a segment of the electorate that gave Mitt Romney less than 5% of his total votes. 

Latino-Americans, the legal ones, oppose amnesty. Pandering doesn’t attract their vote. There are some people who earnestly but foolishly believe an amnesty will magically fix the Republican party’s problem with Hispanics. The GOP won’t win over Latinos by backing amnesty. In fact, the GOP’s numbers with Hispanic Americans are likely to GO DOWN if an Amnesty bill is signed into law.

It is insulting enough that this new amnesty offensive is being sold to the Republican Party by a Republican as a necessary concession to identity politics. Identifying and accentuating differences so as to reinforce prejudices. Rubio and Ryan are dividing and conquering our own. The reality is that most American Hispanics favor more stringent border security.

Ronald Reagan received 37% of the Hispanic vote in 1984, signed an amnesty in 1986, and then in 1988, George H.W. Bush got 30% of the Hispanic vote. Thirty years later, Romney got 27% of the Hispanic vote. Roughly the exact same percentage as Marco Rubio received in this new June 1, 2013 poll. Rubio has burned bridges. How’s that Hispandering going for you GOP-e?

In 2012, Romney would have had to get 73% of the Hispanic vote to win or alternately, only another 4% of the much larger white vote. The GOP wants you to believe pandering to Hispanics is needed in order to pass Amnesty or win elections. Even though in the recent MA Senate election, roughly 70% of voters went for the Democrat, despite the fact that Gomez is pro-Amnesty and a fellow Latino.

In 2008, Hispanics voted for Obama over Mr. Amnesty himself, John McCain, by a margin of more than two-to-one; 67% versus 31%. And to note, Michael Steele became RNC chair on January 30, 2009. The chart is from It shows Steele’s approval rating in a PPP poll from April, 2010. Notice that 5% favorable rating from blacks?

Tribal identity politics does not work for Republicans. Nor should it. No party should “cater” to a particular group of citizens over others. Its called racial profiling. And, Affirmative Action is racial profiling. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi admitted the real reason Senate Democrats are pushing amnesty is because 70% of Hispanics voted Democrats. For her and the Democrats, it’s a vote buying scheme.

It’s also a union scheme. If Democrats want to establish a new permanent voting block, they need victims. Its why union activists wage war. The vast majority of illegal’s who would be amnestied are Hispanic. That voting bloc is even more reliably Democrat than unions. Organized labor is a wing of the Democrat Party. More members equals more union influence on labor policy.

And yet, Rubio embarked on the biggest voter registration drive for the Democrats in our nations history. He was sent to Washington to oppose Obama, not collude with him on behalf of the progressive left. Once you discard the premise that we are all created equal and start trying to tailor your appeal to different ethnicities the game is over. The Democrats win.

An April 2012 survey by Pew Research found 75% of Latinos preferred a “bigger government” that provides more services versus 19% who favor a “smaller” one. So, if 75% of illegal aliens believe that government is the source of prosperity, they’re naturally going to be inclined to vote Democrat. Why is Paul Ryan going after voters that support bigger government?

That same Pew poll ranked immigration near the bottom of the list for Hispanics. Even the latest Pew poll found a third of Hispanics support a “control-border-first” approach. In 2012, the Latino share of the electorate was 8.4% and the Latino share of the population was 17.2% and growing. So the arithmetically-challenged GOP want to bring more in?  The math.

If the GOP tried as hard to get the conservative vote as it tries to get the Mexican vote, they might win a few more elections. Amnesty will lose more conservative votes than Hispanic votes picked-up. The post-election ‘autopsy’ from the RNC is flawed. So, what good is it to gain the Hispanic vote which is 10% of the total and lose 30% of the base? …They just lost me.

As do these three clowns below…

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  1. July 3, 2013 12:32 pm

    Gota love the simplicity of the title Hispandering.

  2. July 4, 2013 6:31 am

    It is hard to envision a situation where a conservative president, or majority takes power in the US given the shift in basic ideals that make up the political bodies in our country.
    The presidents election was won, not only by a majority of blacks and latinos but by the average white 20 and 30 somethings who are tired of the of the two party system which is now fraught with corruption on both sides of the aisle.,
    Though often unspoken, it is easy to say that the majority of politicians really are not concerned with their constituents as much as they are concerned about being in a position of power and stature in the government.

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