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Knowing Your Lefts from Rights


October 28, 2009

Do you know your lefts from your rights?

Pssstt! Hey, you… Yep you… Hi there… So, you say you are sick of career politicians and their hypocrisy huh? You say you believe in the Tea Party movement of limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets? You say you want to restore constitutional order and liberty and transparency and accountability in government? Then let me ask you this? Have you actually looked at a candidate’s background and matched his words with his prior deeds? Or are you slipping into your own hypocrisy by demanding that you hold others to a higher standard than you ask of yourself because of your ‘likeability’ of a candidate?

Let’s be fair and have equal time on an equal subject. Let’s expose everyone’s past history and ties and see who is being candid or not. Our country is in a mess not just because of the actions, habits and personalities of their elected politicians, but because of the people buying-in to those actions, habits and personalities. Elected politicians blame, sneak and waffle because that’s what the people that elected them are doing themselves. Politicians forever send mixed signals to the public with fork tongue; the voters send mixed messages at the ballot box.

We need to find the holders and practitioners of conservative values and then vote in accordance with what we hold true to be our own principles and not the ‘likeability’ of a candidate. While likeability is the most important factor in business success it is not in politics; particularly, if it is not backed-up with past deeds. Given that the Democrats will band together like a bunch of hungry wolves regardless of what kind of vermin that their candidates are, there can be no, zero, zilch cracks in the GOP base.

That is, if you truly understand what a candidate stands for and that candidate shows a history of standing for something that reflects your views. Beware of the silver spoon elitists. Talk is cheap, but action is real. There is a huge difference between accommodation and compromise in the give and take of bipartisan initiatives. Only the selection of non-establishment candidates; those who truly reflect the will of the people will deliver responsible legislation. Anytime that elected member deviates from the will of their constituents, it must be used against them in the next election cycle.

Consider this: the same elected officials that the American people voted in office time and time again, and who got us in this trouble, are the same ones who ‘claim’ they can get us out of it. Such irony. Their only loyalty is to themselves. Almost the entire GOP political establishment, the Beltway ‘elite’ and the candidates that they support are out of touch with the grassroots where the strength of conservatism lies. Republicans have been ignoring the lessons of history since the Republican revolution began under Reagan, repeating mistakes historians had long identified as textbook cases of what not to do. The basic betrayal of conservative principles by the GOP hierarchy illustrates how party lines have outweighed party principles.

The Washington GOP leadership continues to put forth candidates that do NOT resonate with the pulse of grassroots voters. Candidates such as Charlie Crist in Florida, DeDe Scoozafava in New York, Mark Kirk of Illinois, the endorsement of Alan Specter over Toomey in Pennsylvania in ‘04, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olympia Snowe, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Lindsey Graham, among others – all do NOT speak to the core of conservatives. The GOP elected John McCain once, the GOP can do it again. The media helped elect John McCain in 2008 and the media will attempt to push Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee in 2012. Neither Romney nor Huckabee are conservatives either. Both guys have big government records. Don’t believe me? Do your research… or click the said links; I did the research for you.

Candidates that are rewarded loyalty from the GOP establishment is not a winning formula. The thesis of next-in-line is a losing formula. I don’t see this cycle shaping up as one where the commoner is going to be in a mood to listen to the lord of the manor. Revolutions are not led by the establishment’s choice. That is why the Establishment chooses them — they want to maintain the status quo, with themselves on top of the food chain and in power. Right now there’s a revolutionary mood building — whether it will quiet by 2012 or be ready to erupt is unknowable today.

Members of Congress seek only to gain or retain power at the expense of the People. The Tea Party movement seems significant because it gives voice to disenfranchised discontent of voters and gives a voice to what many already believe to be true. The GOP has yet to make a clear, concise and unambiguous statement on what it stands for, and just as importantly, what it stands against. So why is the NRCC spending money attacking Hoffman in NY 23? Because if conservative win, it’ll expose their lie that only big government ‘moderate’ can win. They support Crist’s after he pushed for using stimulus funds to cover shortfalls in the 2009 Florida state budget. They support Schwarzenegger after committing one of the party’s most cardinal sins: pushing for higher-taxes to help close his state’s budget shortfall.

Rudy has always been “what you see is what you get” and not a lot of subterfuge to hide his liberal tendencies. Romney is dishonest in pretending conservatism he doesn’t possess. How is a bureaucratic state-run health care system – now the model for nationalized health care conservative? How is the passing over GOP lawyers for three-quarters (75%) of 36 judicial vacancies and instead tapping registered Democrats or independents – including two gay lawyers who have supported expanded same-sex rights conservative? How is supporting a pro-gay marriage, pro card-check, pro-choice candidate that favors stimulus and bank bailouts conservative?

Those candidates that toe the party line to capture the good graces of the party establishment at the same time the GOP establishment prepares for battle against the grassroots base is excessive exploitation. The establishment candidate – just like the establishment leadership – is the enemy within. And, the GOP brass mistakenly bellies the false premise that conservative principles won’t fly anywhere but in the bastions of conservative districts. Yet, ideological purity is not the same as standing on principle and winning at all costs at the expense of principle usually results in not winning at all. Establishment candidates reflect the status quo at a time when voters demand a referendum on the status quo.

As the bailouts spiral out of control, we are forced to fund failed banks. With foreclosures on the rise, we are made the collateral of reckless spending. And, when the bills come due, the IRS knocks on the door of “self-responsibility”. The culture of free enterprise is being fractured. And, the Republican Leadership betrayed the base on conservative issues, notably illegal immigration and out-of-control spending. The rise of conservative “Tea Party” activists around the country has created a dilemma for Republican leadership. They are breathing life into the party’s quest to regain power by waging war on some candidates hand-picked by GOP leaders as the most likely to win by having an “R” next to their name. Republican bosses don’t like loss of control and power.

A choice between modern liberalism and the “Democrat-lite” philosophy of people like Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Mark Kirk, John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger is like a choice between a cyanide pill and a bullet. One may be a little faster than the other, but both will eventually kill you. This is something conservative activists understand, but the GOP establishment does not. Call me cynical, but unless you’ve been cloistered in an ancient monastery for the duration, I’m very suspicious of deep personal growth occurring of a candidate between ages 55 and 60. Prospective 2012 candidates such as Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani and Gingrich don’t have the pedigree of Reagan-conservatism and Jeffersonian republicanism to buck the establishment and break with his or her own party for the right cause.

So it stands to reason, when are the Republican and center-right voters going to wake up and support someone who truly believes and acts conservative? Repetition may be the law of memory but when will we learn that establishment candidates and those that rewrite history of their resumes for political expediency should be put out to pasture. The GOP has a major problem with its base because it expects the base to pony up donor monies that support their moderate ideals. Until the GOP Establishment is winnowed away, and someone somewhere begins to replace them with people who are truly conservative, and willing to work WITH the base, not take advantage of the base, the Party upper crust will continue to falter.

The Republicans must learn that you cannot out-Democrat the Democrats. And when you try to, your base explodes. The GOP Establishment is working against us; they take donors money and roll-out candidates that don’t reflect the platform of conservative ideals. Then if and once these liberal and moderates get elected and get in power they become the speakers of Republican positions on the Sunday talk shows. McCain, Graham, Huckabee, Gingrich, Spector, Powell and others are examples of this.

When you get an envelope in the mail from the RNC or NRCC, use your sharpie and let them know why you are not donating to them. Then send it back in the postmarked envelope they gave you. Let them know they lost your support. The GOP has turned into Dem Lite so I have no problem with the consequences of their actions, if need be. I am willing to take a short term loss if it sends a message to the Beltway brass.

Winston Churchill said dryly about a particularly feckless politician of his time, “He has no principles that he cannot rise above”. For those in our movement who are saying “we don’t need to wage war against the Beltway machine right now”… I say wake up. The machine is waging war against you. You can’t keep a tight lid on a boiling pot forever. We must support and elect constitutional candidates whom we know beforehand will take their oath to the constitution seriously and fulfill that oath, and who are committed wholly to stand on and support constitutional principle. When WE, the citizens and voters of this nation insist on that course of action ourselves, in large numbers, we will enact change.

This isn’t John McCain’s logrolling senatorial club any more. Elected officials won’t bat an eye to pimp their mothers if it gains them power and influence. For the first time in history, the patrician class is deliberately neglecting its responsibilities and selling its own country down the river. It is now up to us to determine the transparency of a candidate when they say one thing to get elected and do another once elected. The congeniality competition within the establishment ranks and the political hypocrisy from candidates reflects the problems of sincerity and truth in politics and how we deal with it reflects our own slipping into hypocrisy ourselves.

The civil war has begun. Know your frequency.

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