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Debbie: Letter to Ryan & Boehner

December 19, 2013

Letter from Debbie in Breitbart comment section of article titled: “Ryan Knew About, Ignored Military Pension Cuts ‘Mistake’ in Budget Deal” – Date: 12-19-13 at 3:30 pm.

Background: Apparently, Ryan knew the mistake was in the budget-deal legislation for at least two full days before the House vote. He has not, however, provided any explanation for why he did nothing to fix it. I captured this letter in the comment section. I greatly admire Debbie and hope she surfaces. She deserves praise.

Dear Congressman Ryan and Speaker Boehner,

Clearly, with the Ryan-Murray Budget agreement YOU have “lost all credibility”. I did not oppose the plan until I found out what was in it——and the conservative groups, that you preemptively trashed, have been proven right to oppose this budget deal.

Ranking Republican on the Senate Budget committee, Sen. Jeff Sessions (who was excluded from the budget negotiations) has determined that the Ryan Budget actually INCREASES the debt by at least $15.5 billion. This is due to failure to include interest on borrowed money for new spending and using the same “double counting” gimmick that was used by the democrats in Obamacare (and highly criticized during the 2012 campaign by Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney). This “double counting” comes from the Medicare trust savings to increase discretionary spending. In 2009, when democrats were using this “double counting” gimmick to push Obamacare on the American people, the CBO director said you could not count this money twice.

Also, Sen. Sessions explained that the Ryan Budget takes away the 60 vote requirement needed in the Senate to increase spending above the 2011 budget agreement levels——a requirement that Sen. Sessions has used three times to block wasteful spending. The Republican leadership has stated that the 2011 budget agreement, spending caps and deficit reduction will remain in place. How will the 2011 spending caps be recognized in 10 years when Harry Reid now only needs 50 votes to override those very spending caps?

Finally, to increase spending on the backs of our Veterans, especially our disabled Veterans, is a disgrace. To plead ignorance on this issue would admit incompetence. However, a statement from Congressman Ryan’s spokesperson Will Allison confirms house republican leadership knew that disabled Veteran’s retirement benefits would be cut and corrected the original version that claimed otherwise——-“The original version of that document had incorrect information,” Allison said in an email (reported by Matthew Boyle at Breitbart). “It was corrected as soon as the error was discovered on the evening of Tuesday, December 10, well before the House considered the legislation.” Meanwhile, democrat Patty Murray is able to plead ignorance—and assure Americans there will be a well needed “fix”, so disabled Veterans pensions will not be cut.

As the details of the Ryan-Murray Budget are revealed, the conservative groups that opposed the budget deal have been proven right —–  Yes, Speaker Boehner, the same conservative groups that you attacked, the conservative groups that make up the base of the Republican party. Speaker Boehner, with your diminished credibility, your attacks are “ridiculous”.

Let me remind you, Karl Rove and the RNC, the US Chamber of Commerce will not be casting a ballot in 2014 —– WE WILL.


Your Constituents

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  1. Doreen permalink
    December 20, 2013 4:55 pm

    Ryan, Boehner, McCain, Flake, Graham, McConnell (and a few more) are the nothing but the right wing of the Democrat Party

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