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Make America Great Again

February 2, 2016


I prefer my President to be American – and nothing but an American.

I like Donald Trump. He is an accomplished businessman. Budgets have meaning to him. They don’t to politicians. He is an outsider. Trump shakes things up in ways no other GOP-er does. I’m looking for someone who will restore the Republic. That requires combating the current political establishment at a level that they have never seen before.

I am not looking for a purist. Or a preacher. I do not support Trump because he agrees with my theology. I support him because he promises to build a wall, secure the border and enforce our immigration laws ensuring that we can survive as a nation. He has strength and commitment to our country in Making America Great Again.

He holds most, if not all, of the important positions a conservative should hold. He would be the most able candidate to push a pragmatic conservative agenda through the gauntlet of media and establishment power structures. Trump makes heads explode from everyone I personally detest. He is not owned by the donor class. I believe he is the most electable in a general election.

Trump has hi-stakes deal-making acumen, name-recognition, and freedom from rich-donors to accomplish the goal of dismantling the incompetent, self-serving, party establishments. Trump disrupts the DC apparatus plan of forcing Obamacare, Common Core, Obamatrade and Amnesty on America: the four primary goals of Marxist Globalist.

Trump draws broad support across ideological platforms and from multiple parts of the electorate combining traditional GOP voters (conservatives, Tea Party, pro-business, libertarian) with millions of non-traditional GOP voters (working class, union members, middle class) and Blue Dog Democrats, Reagan Democrats and Independents. Only Trump brings out non-voters.

Trump can win Blacks/Latinos. He has more support among hispanic voters today in Florida than amnesty-pushers Bush and Rubio combined. Trump would scramble the deck in a general election and overperform with black voters, a constituency that Democrats rely on so heavily that a small change in polling in a place like Ohio can hand the election to the GOP.

A pathetic group of infested Globalist habitat Washington pushing their Marxist agenda of open-borders, cheap-labor, amnesty, more H-1B visas, and unfiltered foreign invasion. Trumps main campaign stands are patriotic & nationalist; Economy, jobs, trade, security, American: reversing the slow-motion disintegration of the working-class life in America.

The grassroots is at war with DC control freaks who have mastered the art of corruption, demagoguery and betrayal. This election is not about ideology. It’s about The Establishment v The People. Nationalist v Globalist. Incumbent v Outsider. Insurgency v Status quo. Socialism v Capitalism. Lawbreaker v Law-Abider. Freedom v Control. Trump is the only true anti-Establishment candidate.

AJ Delgado from Breitbart News pens a nice article that sums up Trumps appeal titled: “20 Reasons Why It Should Be Donald Trump in 2016.” AJ writes: “shifting America back on course requires Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.” The populist Trump will bring American citizens from all walks-of-life together under a pragmatic conservative policy umbrella. Proof was in NH primary.

As President, Donald Trump wants to:

  1. Build a strong and feared military
  2. Stop the mistreatment of our veterans
  3. Support our law enforcement agencies
  4. Negotiate new worldwide trade deals and fair trade
  5. Close our borders and tighten control over who comes into America
  6. Keep America safe from those who want to kill us; not afraid to name Radical Islam
  7. Spread the pro-life message; defend Christianity and all legitimate religions
  8. Institute an effective taxing plan; providing opportunities for America’s recovery
  9. Deal with the world from a position of strength and regain respect
  10. Eliminate Common Core; Eliminate DoEd; make education local
  11. Repeal and replace Obamacare with private plans in a vibrant competitive market
  12. Defend the Second Amendment and the whole Constitution
  13. Bring the message of conservatism to all Americans regardless of race and ethnicity
  14. Reduce regulations; and eliminate government waste (DoED and EPA)
  15. Reduce and eliminate America’s national $19 Trillion debt crisis

“Moving the goal posts” is a verbal gymnastic trick Trump’s attackers and the GOP Establishment have borrowed from the progressive Left. Accomplishing several of the above, would satisfy the most rational of people, except right-wing ‘purity’ voters. For naysayers, watch this. Then go read Trump’s 2011 book “Time To Get Tough”.

Trump grew up in a military school where he was taught American values and saluted the flag as it was raised in the morning and lowered in the evening. With a background like his you learn early in life to love America for all its majestic beauty and glory. Trump will both be restrained by and cherish the constitution and American tradition.

Make America Great Again.


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  1. Mr. Pinko permalink
    February 4, 2016 12:33 am

    Can’t say it any better than this. Thank you

  2. February 4, 2016 5:44 pm

    I cannot support the Cubans or the Commie Dems.
    Trump is the one that is favored to be the leader. Its all over him

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