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Mueller and the Pursuit of Justice

August 8, 2017


In the biggest and most politically-explosive investigation in more than a decade, an investigation that has obvious national security implications, alleged cyber-espionage by a hostile foreign power, alleged collusion and treason by high-ranking officials, the possible impeachment of a sitting president, and yet, the FBI has not yet secured or examined the DNC servers that may or may not provide compelling forensic evidence of cyber-intrusion by Russia? Isn’t it curious Mueller’s legal dream team of 25 (including support staff) has only one lawyer versed in foreign-government influence of elections?

The reason the FBI never insisted on examining the DNC servers, is because they knew the narrative is and was bogus from the start. Russia didn’t hack anything, it was only a diversion. Conjured up on-the-fly to keep Hillary’s bandwagon from going down in flames. Think about how much was at stake. Hillary was to protect their monopoly. Big Government. Globalism. Open-Borders. Climate-Change. Trade Deals. Cheap Labor. Pay-to-play schemes – all funneled through the Clinton Foundation. All of it on the line. Oh, and why was the Federal Bureau of Matters never given access to the DNC computers?

And, all of a sudden, like a flock of birds or a school of fish, the biased media has gone silent on RussiaGate. “Russiagate” is a fantasy cooked-up by the DNC brass, Clinton machine, and deep-state actors to inflict as much damage as possible on a Trump presidency. The DNC computers weren’t hacked. Someone within the DNC leaked the information to Wikileaks. And, why would the FBI accept the analysis of some flunky organization that no one has ever heard of before (Crowdstrike)?

How did a shady family from Pakistan with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood get such powerful access to the American government and get millions in fees? And what about AG Lynch (alias ‘Elizabeth Carlisle’ in emails) & Bill Clinton’s secret meeting on the tarmac where Obama’s FBI and DOJ said documents didn’t exist, yet, turns out, a year later, hundreds of redacted documents related to the meeting do exist. Everything leads back to the Clinton’s State Dep’t and the Obama Administration. And what about the secret handshakes, institutionalized treason, sedition surrounding DC’s circle of power:

  • The Clinton Foundation connections
  • The Clinton Global Initiative irregularities
  • Hillary State Dep’t selling 20% uranium, Bill Clinton $500K speech
  • Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails and hard-drives destroyed
  • ‘Leaks’ by the deep-state, Establishment and Obama hold-overs
  • ‘Unmasking’ of Mr. Trump by Obama Administration, and spying of Americans.
  • Awan Brothers IT Scandal; Muslim Brotherhood and Wasserman Schultz
  • The Seth Rich Murder
  • Media Collusion with DNC & Donna Brazille; Defrauding a presidential election
  • Russia narrative; dossier, Fusion GPS; Kremlin-connected lawyer, Ms. Veselnitskaya
  • PedoGate, human trafficking and enslavement
  • Anthony Weiner’s laptop with file “Life Insurance”
  • The Lynch – Bill Clinton tarmac meeting; Obama FBI, DOJ & State Dep’t lies
  • Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS & Lois Lerner

The new FBI Director, Christopher Wray, has his hands full; including figuring out which ‘agency superiors’ obstructed prior investigation(s) by honorable rank and file agents. To drain the swamp, Trump has to permanently separate the Uniparty (R & D’s) from their profiteering schemes, power structures and its global apparatus. To do so, requires unwinding the web of financial, corruption, terrorism, and white collar crimes. The Uniparty knows this. It is why Republicans don’t defend Trump. It’s why Democrats want to impeach him. It’s also why Trump is beating the grass to startle the snakes.

Count me as one who thinks Special Council Mueller, under the guise of investigating Russia, is actually investigating the Clinton and Obama tentacles. Don’t believe the Washington Post and New York Times. They are in bed with the Intelligence Community (IC). There are wide-scale scheme(s) spanning both political parties, media complex, deep-state, globalists, Democrats, NeoCons, K-street bagmen, career bureaucrats, elected officials, etc., all hoping to derail the Trump agenda.

After bowing-out of TPP and Paris Accord, the UniParty’s most prized possession is on the chopping block: NAFTA. It’s where corporate lobbyists, multinationals and the governing class, in alliance with the financial elites of its trading partners, paved the way for the decades-long neoliberal agenda of lost jobs, lower-wages and the upward redistribution of income, wealth and political power. After frontman Marco Rubio voted for the Gang of 8 bill, he received a $3 million windfall. The UniParty wants to stop Trump’s pathway of untangling NAFTA. Big business and Mega-donor influence-peddling slows if the NAFTA spigot is turned off. The NAFTA Renegotiations began August 16.

Put all together, both parties, and their bag men, are on the brink of being neutralized.  It is why the Establishment (black hats) needed Hillary to win. Billions of dollars at stake. The bread and butter of the UniParty; the wide-scale influence peddling, voter-fraud, global trade deals, inside-trading, cheap-labor and climate schemes, and the powerful Establishment apparatus are about to get exposed. Yes, add NAFTA to the list of why the UniParty is trying to obstruct and slow-down the Trump agenda.

But, Trump has the winning hand. He’s just not ready to play it yet. I refer you to this short article for background. As it relates to the unmasking, there is a criminal syndicate at work, all leading to the Clinton’s and Obama’s. After years of orchestrated deceit, Trump is seeking to systematically remove the entrenched hands that feed the politicians by removing the profiteers, corporate lobbyist, and the bagmen that feed them. Read that sentence again. After NAFTA is dismantled, Trump will rinse and repeat with the ‘big Pharma’ influence peddlers. Trump is going after their pot of gold.

Meanwhile, between Mueller and DOJ, there are likely multiple, separate and parallel investigations going on. Rosenstein’s letter authorizes inquiry into matters “arising from” the investigation and any efforts to obstruct justice. It’s notable that any investigation involving obstruction of justice would need to exclude the act of Comey’s firing because that would require Mueller and Rosenstein’s recusal due to their personal relationships. Its highly likely then, the DOJ concluded the act of a President firing an FBI Director, or requesting the investigation to be terminated, doesn’t constitute obstruction.

Of note, is the relatively nebulous arrest charge [home equity loan fraud] to stop Imran Awan from fleeing the country. Its degree of swiftness suggests a grand jury was already empaneled. And, the rapid speed at which this news vanished the normal media-reporting cycle sounds alarms. Consider too, it was ‘Congressman’ Anthony Weiner who originally signed-off on Awan’s VISA application, before being shuffled-off, with no security clearances, to then DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz and 30 members of congress, all Democrats. So, is it not quizzical then, that “bankrupt” Awan, a low-level IT staffer, winds-up with a high-priced Clinton attorney to defend him for the Democrats?

Investigating is one thing, prosecuting and punishment is another. Standards of evidence and proof of guilt of federal crimes require a precise chain of events and actions for which there is reliable evidence that will stand up in federal court, i.e., evidence that will persuade a jury or federal judge and that can withstand cross-examination and the inquiries of experts hired by the defense. The new Trump DOJ, will see that the guilty come to justice. Ironclad criminal indictments simply take time.

It is noteworthy, that the Special Counsel Mueller legal veterans and workhorses assembled at face value embody specializations in virtually every aspect of law that might be used against a criminal organization (RICO), though with notably few mentions of anyone specialized in election law or in prosecuting or investigating interactions with foreign governments, with an exception or two. The only crimes committed have been by those who illegally unmasked US citizens and are ‘leaking’ false or classified intelligence to liberal news outlets. To identify leakers, Team Trump has sprung canary traps.

If justice no longer matters in America, there is no America left to defend. We should take as a given that all self-aggrandising, and almost totally indifferent to the well-being of their constituents, political leaders will continue to pursue their own power and wealth, at the expense of their citizenries. The remaining question then, is why is no one going-after the Clintons for their obvious and rampant corruption and collusion? Or Obama’s puppets? They are. But it won’t be televised. And, AG Sessions now has publicly declared the ‘leaks’ as a national security threat.

On its surface, the corruption of the Obama and Clinton regimes knows no bounds. From the White House to the State Department, from the IRS to the EPA, from the FBI to the DOJ, they ALL were corrupt. Trump is still weeding through the swamp. I know what you are thinking. We own the Executive branch. We own the Justice Dep’t. We own both Houses of Congress. Drain the Swamp! Indeed, he will… and it’s a real rarity to encounter a political leader in Mr. Trump who does not fit the same ‘business as usual’ mold.

In a notable twist, after President Trump fired James Comey, Mueller was actually interviewed for the role again of FBI director by President Trump himself in a little-reported meeting literally the day before he was appointed as Special Counsel. If Team Trump is going to lay the smackdown, it will be with shock & awe. In this plot’s final script, we will be witnessing, at a time and place of choosing by Trump, Sessions and Wray, the biggest shit-show on the planet. Trump is going to drain the imperial swamp of Washington. And Mueller, Sessions and Rosenstein will help him do it.

‘Muh Russia’..



*Photo credit to cartoonist Ben Garrison.
*Information and research assembled and compiled from public data and news reports.


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  1. Morgan permalink
    August 9, 2017 8:03 pm

    Love this!

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