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I formed a Posse – I Need Your Help!

May 3, 2014

I’m making phone calls from home for Matt Bevin.

The Kentucky primary is May 20th. The McConnell-Rove machine is trying to ‘crush’ you. 

Matt Bevin is closing the gap on Mitch McConnell. Mitch has an unfavorable rating of 61%; an approval rating of 32%. Kentucky has “McConnell fatigue.’ This is a winnable election for conservatives. 

We need a posse of 100 patriots to make phone calls from home. Why not you? Today, with the tools of technology and help of volunteers, grassroots has more power and influence than ever before.

The BEVIN BRIGADE. Please consider giving your time. Short of being on the ground in Kentucky, this is the most effective way ‘twitter patriots’ can make a big difference. Early voting has already begun.

If hundreds of conservative and liberty-minded folks on twitter from across the entire nation, came together and mobilized, imagine what we could do! It makes a HUGE difference both in candidate name-recognition and voter turn-out. => Sign up here:

Why it’s important? 

The challenge in Kentucky is it’s a heavy rural area. Flip-phones are still prominent and a lack of access to the internet in some rural areas makes online targeting from social media especially difficult. 

Mitch’s support is extremely soft, and Matt’s name ID is still a work in progress — there is lots of room to close the gap with the help and energy of folks like you. Its called GOTV. Get out the vote. 

Personal contact and conversations with voters changes opinions and GOTV’s. You will be calling GOP primary voters, a friendly crowd, in the ESTIf voters have trouble getting over Mitch’s attack ads, refer them to

Just follow the directions. An email will be sent to you after you sign-up. Once registered, you will be sent a list of names and a conversation script will be provided. Typical call hours are 10AM-8:50PM Mon-Sat, and 12-8:50PM EST Sunday.

Separately, The Madison Project: 14 in 2014 has remote calling as well. The power of voices of the people, not McConnell’s big-dollar special interest donors. Get involved. Make a difference.

The Republican betrayals will begin once and if GOP incumbent’s win their primaries. If McConnell wins, he will push for, and vote for Amnesty. This will be an irreversible downfall for a once great nation.

 Thank you!



Canvassing the state, FreedomWorks and The Madison Project have set-up field offices across the state. Volunteers from Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia and as far away as Texas are blanketing the state on the ground.

National and out-of-state local Tea Party’s have set-up phone banks and Matt Bevin has put over 50,000 miles on his car in 6 months. Jim DeMint’s The Senate Conservatives Fund and Club for Growth are supporting Bevin will donor funds and mailers, cable broadcast and radio ads are permeating the state.

Don’t be a hypocrite or a coward. Walk the walk. If you mean what you tweet. Sign up to make calls from home for Matt Bevin.

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