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Ryan’s Gateway to Amnesty

December 19, 2013


AMNESTY ADVISORY: Michael McCaul’s border bill HR 1147 is a gateway to amnesty…

Paul Ryan will lead the way.

A recent conference call with an unnamed major immigration enforcement organization that lobbies in DC has revealed that the pathway to the Republican’s amnesty bill will require House Republican’s cover through some type of enforcement bill. This information comes from Stop The Magnet, itself a a grassroots immigration enforcement group, based in Houston, Texas.

It was revealed that the likely bill to move forward on the Republican side will be Rep. Michael McCaul’s border bill H.R. 1417. Bi-partisan supporters of the bill include, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker Boehner, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee. WooHoo! In short, this bill is a fluff bill with no real and concrete action required to close the border.

Rather, it is punctuated with sections from S.B. 744 that merely require the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] submit plans for measuring illegal crossings. The key word here is ‘submit plan’ and the language of H.R.1417 is virtually identical to portions of the Senate amnesty bill S.744, and shares many of its flaws. One being it has no official metric for measuring border security.

Please read the indepth analysis here. And, the House bill comparison to Senate amnesty bill here.

Both the Federation of American Immigration Reform [FAIR] and the Heritage Foundation have issued warnings on H.R. 1417 as reported by Breitbart News in July, 2013. Heritage notes it “calls for misguided border security metrics and potentially opens the door for amnesty.”

FAIR denounced the bill, saying, ” like the Senate amnesty bill, H.R. 1417 does not require that DHS actually obtain situational awareness or operational control of any part of the border. It only requires DHS to submit a plan for doing so.”  FAIR also explains how H.R. 1417 “adopts definitions from the Senate amnesty bill that have loopholes” and vague definitions inherently giving “the Secretary of DHS broad discretion.”

You can read those details here.

To defeat a concerted effort among powerful business interests and treacherous politicians HB 1417 must be pulled from consideration. If you reside in Rep. Poe’s district, Stop the Magnet request that he PULL HIS NAME FROM THIS BILL. If you live in Michael McCaul’s district call his offices and demand he pull this bill from consideration. Austin Office: (512) 473-2357. The DC Office: (202) 225-2401.

Other key Texas politicians that need pestering include: Rep. Sam Johnson, Rep. Pete Sessions and Rep. Kevin Brady and Rep. Blake Farenthold. Please spread and circulate to others that may reside in these targeted districts. The goal in DC is to pass an amnesty bill by June.  The Advisory is posted here.

It is reported that Paul Ryan has been tapped to lead the upcoming amnesty charge.

And, Paul Ryan will be disingenuous in his talking points, just as Marco Rubio was, by claiming such statements as “guaranteed border security, guaranteed interior enforcement and independently verified, no amnesty, temporary resident statusde-facto amnesty, earned legalization, Dream Act, blah blah, etc., and fake George Soros front-groups under the guise of Evangelical Groups for Amnesty have already emerged.

To win the House GOP conference during the recent budget deal, Ryan used a series of talking points about the bill that were not truthful. Ryan’s committee also published a document with false claims. The Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), also accused Ryan of using double counting techniques that Democrats employed with Obamacare. And, Ryan knew veteran cuts were in his budget bill two full-days before the House vote, and didn’t fix it.

Ryan is more pro-amnesty than Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was, and now privately is. Paul Ryan is still publicly supportive of a conference committee between a group of House immigration bills and the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” bill. Expect Paul Ryan to lie again. He will not be truthful during the ‘separate piecemeal immigration reform bills’ in 2014. This is Marco Rubio ‘Part Deux’ all over again. The false framing of immigration reform.

The Republicans, led by Ryan and John Boehner, have gone Orwellian. Ryan, is now  listed as the most open-borders member of Congress. Here is Ryan along with pro amnesty ‘friend’ Luis Gutierrez at the City Club in Chicago pushing amnesty in April 2013. Video.  This partnering was also reported in this Chicago Sun-Times article. Gutierrez calls Ryan a ‘friend and an ally‘ to free 11 million people.

Meanwhile, the Washington Times reported that Speaker Boehner has hired Rebecca Tallent, a former staffer to pro-amnesty pimp Sen. John McCain, who has been a longtime advocate of legalizing illegal aliens. The Center for American Progress has praised the hiring. The Chamber of Commerce has committed to Boehner they will fight against any 2014 TEA Party candidate who opposes cheap labor and amnesty.

Right after the Senate amnesty vote was passed, Marco Rubio received a windfall of $3 million dollars from pro-amnesty mega-donors. I expect Ryan is next in line. Conservative activists and lawmakers fear Republican leader’s may rubber-stamp Democrats’ controversial legislation in a back-room deal. It’s worth noting that Boehner blocked pro-worker immigration reform (E-Verify) last year.

Ann Coulter spells out succinctly in this video the harm in passing any immigration bill and suspects that Boehner and other leading Republicans secretly want immigration reform to pass. Here is why pandering to Hispanics makes no sense. Imagine 25 million more [foreigner invaders] on welfare, medicare, food stamps and Obamacare. Any immigration scam bill doesn’t help a single jobless American or the working poor. This is not a single issue.

‘Illegal” is not a race, it is a CRIME. Amnesty is treason. Its agents are traitors. Don’t trust Ryan and Boehner. HR 1147 needs to be pulled from consideration, per


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