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Mitt’s GOP Plank

October 26, 2011

Mitt’s GOP Plank – Talking Points

Mitt Romney opposed the two most successful conservative policy efforts of the last 30 years… the Reagan policies of the 1980`s and the Contract With America of the 1990`s. I have always been impressed with any so-called ‘self-proclaimed conservative’ or ‘Republican’ who parrots discredited Keynesian economic thinking, believes in man-made climate change and embraces government ‘mandates’ and social engineering.

There is nothing in Mitt Romney’s record that indicates that he is anything other than a liberal progressive Republican ‘masquerading’ as a palatable conservative. Mitt Romney represents everything that is wrong with the Republican Party and everything that has left us dying in a ditch. Pretend conservatives are what got us to where we are and are what will completely destroy us if allowed.

Conversely, ‘thinking conservatives’ support free markets, constitutionally limited government, and fiscal responsibility and oppose politicians from both parties who do not. They understand that conservatism ‘cannot be redefined’ to fit the mold of whoever the candidate is. But enough of the preamble. ‘The Mitt Romney Republican Plank’ are statements Romney has made in support of liberal progressive policies and/or he governed as such:

Each bullet point is a documented link.

    • Romney states he’d keep parts of ObamaCare: “Repeal the bad. Keep the good.”
    • Romney believes in individual government mandates “I like mandates.”
    • Romney believes RomneyCare and thus, ObamaCare should be “a model for the nation” because, he has said so.
    • Romney is the architect for ObamaCare. And, his three advisers met at the White House twelve times to craft the ObamaCare act.
    • Romney lauded: “I’m moderate. My views are Progressive… regardless of party label.”
    • Romney admits his ‘only connection’ to the GOP is I’m a register Republican.”
    • Romney believes liberal judges should be appointed to the courts. Mitt passed over GOP lawyers for 75% of 36 judicial vacancies naming instead Democrats and Independents appointments.
    • Romney is an advocate for same-sex rights. Mitt Romney nominated not one, but two, known homosexual liberal gay-marriage activists as judges in Massachusetts.
    • Romney was for ‘gay marriage’ before he was against it.
    • Romney issued an official state proclamation celebrating “Gay Youth Pride Day” even though there was no legal reason requiring him to do this. Here is the Proclamation from the Governor’s office.
    • Romney opposed the Boy Scouts’ policy prohibiting homosexuals from serving as scoutmasters and prevented the organization from participating publicly in the 2002 Olympics.
    • Romney believes taxpayers should pay for, and the government should subsidize, abortion. Mitt supported abortion funding in his Romneycare plan.
    • Romney placed a Planned Parenthood member on the Mass Health Care board. He did not place a pro-life member on his board.
    • Romney’s conversion to the pro-life position is suspect and his ongoing support of homosexual rights is not.
    • Romney’s environmental advisers now work in Obama’s White House for the EPA.
    • Romney’s appointment of environmental adviser John Holdren is troubling. Now a member of the Obama White House, Holdren holds some very extreme views. He has talked of forced abortions, confiscation of babies, mass involuntary sterilization and he is an advocate of de-developing America and population control.
    • Romney was for Cap and Trade before he was against it, or sumthin.
    • Romney lauded Cap-and-Trade as “good for business” according to a 2005 Boston Globe report.
    • Romney in Manchester, NH, in June of 2011 stated: ‘man-made global warming is real.’
    • Romney believes in tax and ‘fee’ increases on corporations and residents. Mitt raised taxes and fees on Massachusetts businesses and residents by $750 million annually.
    • Romney had a net payroll jobs gain of less than 1% over 4 years; 0.09% to be exact in job creation, compared with job growth of 5.3% for the nation as a whole.
    • Romney was 47th out of 50 Governors in job creation and economic growth.
    • Romney ranked: Massachusetts was ranked third lowest in job creation and would have ranked second lowest if Hurricane Katrina had not devastated the Louisiana economy.
    • Romney lead a 14% decline in Massachusetts manufacturing during his tenure when the rest of the nation saw only 7%.
    • Romney oversaw a 3.5% out-migration in population in his state during his tenure.
    • Romney increased the local tax burden from 10% to 10.6% of per capita income.
    • Romney’s record led the Club For Growth to ultimately give Romney a “C” on fiscal issues after concluding that he “broke his verbal commitment” to not raise taxes in Massachusetts.
    • Romney had the 2nd worse score on fiscal issues out of the 25 freshmen Republican Governors according to a rating by the Cato Institute.
    • Romney’s economic performance during his tenure is summarized by the Boston Globe in this chart titled: “Massachusetts’s economic performance”. This chart is informatively brutal. [If you receive a 404 Not Found error. Keep refreshing the link. It’ll come up.]
    • Romney’s jobs record was worse than Michael Dukakis’
    • Romney believes climate change is a man-made hysteria, because Mitt believes man has directly influenced global warming.
    • Romney believes ethanol should be federally subsidized.
    • Romney believes in mandated socialized medicine, because Mitt has stated RomneyCare is “one of his best assets” and ‘is a conservative view.’
    • Romney opposes the Flat Tax. At least, until Mitt said he loves the flat tax last week, or something. But Romney’s 159-page jobs plan doesn’t have a flat tax in it.
    • Romney supported gun control measures. He supported the Assault Weapons ban and the Brady Bill, but now claims to be 2nd Amendment supporter.
    • Romney now embraces “the 99%”. Not the ‘53%’…or the ‘1%’.
    • Romney refused to support the Bush tax cuts.
    • Romney did not support the two most prolific conservative movements of the last 30 years; The Reagan Revolution and the Contract with America.
    • Romney did nothing about ‘right to work laws’. Then, in October 2011, he refused to endorse Ohio’s union referendum limiting collective bargaining. The next day he reversed himself.
    • Romney favored an increase in the minimum wage by indexing it.
    • Romney embraced Obama’s stimulus bill, because in Mitt’s hardcover book “No Apology,” he wrote Obama’s stimulus bill would “accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery.”
    • Romney supported TARP bailouts.
    • Romney supports Arne Duncan’s and Obama’s Education Secretary’s reforms; and as video shows, praised ‘Race to the Top’. Romney also supported No Child Left Behind
    • Romney’s overall spending grew 20.7% over four years as Governor of Massachusetts.
    • Romney grew government jobs on state payroll in Massachusetts by 7.2%
    • Romney believed in 2008 illegal immigrants here already should be granted citizenship, saying: “the 12 million or so ‘illegals’ already here should be granted citizenship.”
    • Romney’s business experience did not show him to govern as a conservative in Massachusetts.
    • Romney was listed as No. 8 in a 2005 list of Top 10 RINO’s in the Republican Party by Human Events.
    • Romney supported the re-nomination of Ben Bernanke after the housing collapse.
    • Romney “is not a conservative.” The conservative Republican base is “not happy” with Mitt Romney, says Rush Limbaugh.
    • Romney led Massachusetts Republicans into holding the fewest seats in the Legislature since the Civil War.
    • Romney has raised more money from lobbyists, wealthy special interest groups, especially K Street, and lobbyist-linked political action committees, than all of the other Republican candidates combined.
    • Romney’s 2002 website as he ran for Governor is testament to his Progressiveness; increasing and indexing minimum wage, anti-2nd Amendment, pro-choice, socialized medicine and government mandates.

The real Mitt Romney is clearly an extraordinarily ambitious man with no perceivable political principle whatsoever. He will alter his past, exaggerates his record and traffic in ambiguous language. That puts Romney and Obama in the same sand box. Thus, he can’t beat Obama. Romney is a manufactured candidate. He moderates his stripes, but he doesn’t change them.

Romney overstates his accomplishment and understates the side effects. Romney doesn’t apply principle, he manages image; his own image, like Obama. Nobody can choreograph political theater and distortions of failed policies like Romney and Obama. There’s just one requisite for being a conservative political leader, and that is that you actually are one. Mitt Romney is no conservative. And, conservatism cannot be redefined to fit the mold of whoever the candidate is.

This is the Republican plank that conservatives are expected to rally around? For as much progress as the Tea Party and the conservative movement has made, is Obama lucky enough to have Republicans nominate a candidate whose weakest issue is Romneycare, jobs, and a terrible MA economy? Romney has a penchant for obfuscating his true positions in order to advance his political ambitions. Mitt Romney is a panderer. Beware. Our country is at stake. The end.

“I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush. I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush” Mitt Romney

For a full essay on Mitt Romney click here.

Mitt Romney’s Greatest Hits…

24 Comments leave one →
  1. December 20, 2011 7:40 am

    Would a Mitt Romney presidency bring positive change to our country?

  2. December 28, 2011 5:34 am

    I agree the answer is …..No..No..No

  3. Toni Gallardo permalink
    December 28, 2011 10:48 am

    Why can’t the Republican party find a true Conservative to run and back him! They are all progressives and our country is in dire need of another George Washington! Country first! We are so screwed!

    • January 8, 2012 3:50 am

      That’s why the Tea Party is taking back our own party and then our country.

    • stacy permalink
      January 30, 2012 10:24 pm

      its about WHO will run. Who would put up with what this media does…DESTROY individuals and the people SIt back NOT forcing the change!

  4. aposematic permalink
    December 28, 2011 1:18 pm

    Thanks for the TRUTH…Romney’s stint as Gov. of MA is pure socialism at its worst! As Obama fooled the gullible/idiots/brainwashed/stupid and anti-Bush cabal into thinking he was a moderate when the truth was and is he has always been the purest Marxist. Romney is trying to fool the gullible/idiots/brainwashed/stupid and anti-Obama cabal that he is a conservative when the truth was and is he has always been the purest socialist. One thing you didn’t mention is Romney’s love of the UN and World order mandates like sustainable development and World redistribution of UN AGW mandated taxes.

  5. David Morsberger permalink
    February 11, 2012 8:04 am

    You left out a few important items that I believe question Romney’s electability:

    * He lost by 17% in 1994 when Newt and the GOP took over congress with the Contract with America
    * He was the last of 4 consecitive republican governors (16 years). The ‘blue’ state argument doesn’t necessarily hold.
    * He didn’t run for reelection because he had a high disapproval rate of 65% when he left office in 2006.
    * He lost to John McCain in 2008
    * He has never beat an incumbent democrat

    So he is 1 for 3 in major elections. How does that make him the most electable?

  6. March 2, 2012 9:54 pm

    That’s why I call him Three Dollar Mitt

  7. roxe46 permalink
    April 2, 2012 8:06 am

    Romney is wrong for America but he is being shoved down our throat and we should not sit by and watch this be done. I support Newt Gingrich. They are putting stuff out there that make people think that Newt is not the one but people should check for themselves and make a sound judgement of Newt and you will see he is the best one for the job of president.

    • klsouth permalink*
      April 3, 2012 4:35 pm

      Thank you for commenting! I agree.


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